(Lux Z x Libero H x Caletto I)

KWPN – bay – 1,67m – 2000

SF, SWB, OS, Hann, ISH, KWPN, Holst

BSO+13 (0.87)

Winner of the CSIO Nations Cup final in Falsterbo / CSIO5 *

not carrier

The most PROMISING young stallion (2013)

OCD fee








❝  EYE-CATCHING STAR STALLION ! Gorgeous stallion, with long neck and very chic head, Tornesch has the beauty and reactivity of an arabian thoroughbred with the power and stable mind of top showjumpers. Coming from the great crossing of top bloodlines (Lux Z x Libero H x Caletto I), he jumped for many years at the highest international level with Malin Baryard-Johnsson and impressed audiences by his easiness, cleverness, suppleness and willingness.  


HIS SIRE : LUX Z: Great International Performer having participated in the biggest sporting events

Great International Swhojumper. He has participated to the biggest events : European Championships in 1999 and 2001, World Cup final and Sydney OG in 2000. In 2002, after being well placed in several international events, he went to Jerez World Equestrian Games and finished 17th of the individual rankings.

Lux Z is a son of Lord Calando, who is himself the brother of the Champion Carthago Z and son of Lord, sire of numerous winners. 

In 2013, Lux Z is ranked 31th best sire of showjumping winners in the World. He has almost 200 offspring winners in CSI and CSIO like Tornesch, winner of the World Cup final in Falsterbo with M. Baryard Johnsson, but also : Utascha, winner of Grand Prix in Oslo CSI5*, Bremen CSI3* and the Nations Cup in St Gall 2012 with J. Dubbeldam, Wavantos van het Renvillehoeve, winner of the Nations Cups in Moscou and Riga in 2012, Shakespaere, winner of the Nations Cup CSIO3* Sopot 2012 with K. Mueller, Ulke, winner of the GP CSI3* Hachenburg with Pia Luise Aufrecht, etc.

HIS 1st DAM : NINERTA: is a filly of LIBERO H, winner of the Nations Cup final with Jos Lansink

More than 25% of his offspring compete at international level. Among the bests :  Libertina (Jessica Kürten) winner of the 2008 Global Champions Tour final, Lolita H (Toni Hassmann), Maike (Jessica Kürten), No Mercy (Christina Liebherr) JO Athènes, all very good winners in CSIO as well as very good international winners, Luc (Michel Robert), Liberty (Laura Kraut), Nirvan (Gianni Govoni), Libera (Jos Lansink)…He also produced the stallions Numero Uno very good International winner avec Marco Kutscher, Ustinov


She is a filly of Caletto I, very good CSI winner and sire of top international winners and sires like Cantus and Calvaro CSIO.


She is also the grand-dam of  Lennox (CSI), the stallion Farouche R (GP Dressage), Kasandra, mother of Pinkfloyd de Maibelle (CSI), etc. From this Holsteiner damline n°1686 also come from the stallions Chalkis, Clever and Wahnfried.

In his type, Tornesch reminds the wellknown stallion Cor de la Bryère (by Rantzau xx). We found back 3 times this stallion in his pedigree and also 2 times the thoroughbred Ladykiller xx, which explains the blood and the amazing look of this wonderful stallion Tornesch !

Excellent CSIO and CSIW performer with the Swedish rider Malin Baryard-Johnsson.

In 2015, after 2 months at stud for his breeding career, Tornesch has been placed 4th of the Grand Prix 1,60m in Falsterbo CSIO5* and participated to the European Championships.

  • 3rd in the World Cup Grand Prix at the CSI5 * in London
  • Selection for the London Olympics
  • 2nd in the London GPW CSI5 *
  • Winner of the Nations Cup in Barcelona (2011)
  • Winner of the CSIO Nations Cup Final in Falsterbo (2010)
  • 2nd of the GP CSIO5 * Falsterbo

« Tornesch is a nice stallion full of willingness. He’s very smart, easy and truly loves jumping : he is a true winner at the highest level and I’m really crazy about him !  » Malin Bayard-Johnsson, his rider.(cf. Article de KWPN International 2 – 2013)

Other performances


In 2014, Tornesch is placed 3rd of London World Cup Grand Prix CSI5*, 2nd in a 1,60m class in Barcelone CSIO5* where he is also placed 3rd in the Nations Cup. He is also 3rd in the Nations Cup in Dublin CSIO5*, 3rd in Treffen GP CSI5*, 4th in Verone GPW CSI5*, 4th in Göteborg GPW, etc.


4th of GP CSI5* Lyon, 4th of GPW CSI5* d’Helsinki and S’Hertogenbosch, etc.


Selected for London GO, Winner of GP CSI3* Stockholm and San Giovanni, 2nd of GPW CSI5* London, 2nd of the Nations Cup in Rotterdam, 3rd of GPW CSI5* Verone, etc. In the Nations Cups.


Winner in Barcelone, 2nd in Falsterbo and 3rd in Gijon, 3rd of GP CSI5* Paris, 3rd of GPW Vigo, etc.


Winner of the Nations Cups final in Falsterbo CSIO2nd of GP CSIO5* Falsterbo, 2nd of a 1,50m class in Stockholm CSI3* , 3rd of a 1,50m in Vigo and Göteborg CSI5*, 5th of GPW CSI5* Helsinki, 6th of GPW CSI5* Oslo, etc. 2009 : 5th of a 1,50m class in Stockholm CSI3*, 7th of a 1,60m class in London CSIW, etc. 2008 : 4th of a 1,50m in Stockholm CSI3*, 6th of a 1,60m in London CSIW, etc. 

At 7YO, he begins an international career with Malin Baryard.

At 6YO, he won the Scandinavian Championships. At 5YO, he participated to the World Championships in Lanaken. At 4YO, he won the jumping stallion test in Sweden.

For more information, photos and videos of Tornesch, you can also visit the following sites:

Heliotrop et webstallions



In 2013, he is already named MOST UP-AND-COMING STALLION IN SWEDEN due to the quality of his offspring.

Tornesch began breeding in Sweden in 2006.

We note in particular:  Turmalin approved stallion in Sweden, Chanel 438, Crimson (CSI5*), High Cherokee (CSI3*), Hot Stuff (3ème du CSI4* Abu Dhabi 2020), Konrad, Li Torimo (CSI2*), Little Tornado, Nila Matell (1st of 6 years at the CSI d’Oliva 2014, then CSI3 *), Tittut (CSI3*), Top Flite, Toronto, Little Tornado, Tornado, Gitte, Esprinesch etc.

Tornesch’s offspring is beautiful, moves well, has and a great jumping style, so is often well placed in shows, such as :

  • Graceandfire de Lure :French Champion of the 3 YO SF mares 2019
  • Geisha de Vert : Champion of the 3 YO females in Reims in 2019
  • Hope de la Roche : French Champion of the SF fillies 2017




Tornesch x Calypso

GraceandFire de Lure

Tornesch x Berlin

GraceandFire de Lure

Tornesch x Berlin

Festival Semilly

(Tornesch x Oramé) – 6 ans

Geisha de Vert

Tornesch x Kannan

Oakingham Lira

Tornesch x Del Piero P&B

Hope de la Roche

Tornesch x Apache d’Adriers

Festival Semilly

Tornesch x Oramé

Further information

In the next few years will also arrive his offspring born in the rest of Europe (especially in Holland, Germany, Belgium and France, which will enable the breeders to judge the quality of his offspring.

His first products already have promising results :

 Carla du Murger ISO 123, Daylight de la Pointe ISO 131, Dikenesch Dorchival ISO 113, Dispo Cece ISO 139, Oakingham Lira ISO 144 (Vainqueur CSI2* St Tropez 2020) Enjoy Libertie ISO 113, Escoublac SK ISO 112, Everest de Mouilloir ISO 117, El Tornesh St Simeon ISO 111, Endrix Cover ISO 120, Fantasia Semilly ISO 117, Festival Semilly ISO 126, Fidget Gabana ISO 115, Flammic Ar Kersauson ISO 115, Flash du Herrin ISO 116, Forever Riviere ISO 114, Fox de Lezellec ISO113, French Kiss Couparie ISO 110, Frisco Semilly ISO 121, Gershwin des Ifs ISO 114, Get Away EC ISO 110, Girandole ISO 111, Golden Boy Semilly ISO 110, Graceandfire de Lure ISO 121, Grimm Riviere ISO 114, Titane de Bonce Z ISO 121…

More products from Tornesch

Lux Z x Libero I x Caletto I x Marlon xx

Tornesch shows a very interesting pedigree combining the best European showjumpers and sires with a lot of blood (we found back the thoroughbreds Rantzau 3 times, Ladykiller 2 times, Marlon, Cottage Son).

Very sound, he combines at the same time strength and suppleness which allow him to compete at the highest international level, with the beauty of an arabian throughbred -rare among the actual sport horses- with a long neck, a nice tiny head and big clever eyes.

He gives to his offspring his blood, nice type, excellent easy mind with a great willingness, his suppleness, great canter and carefulness over the fences. Tornesch doesn’t pass on the Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (WFFS non-carrier).







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Tornesch has got an excellent fertility rate.

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