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Please feel free to contact us and come to visit our breeding farm and competition stables, we would be pleased to welcome you.

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Our young horses are managed softly in a long term work. It is out of the question in our stables to prepare the horses like some other professionnals can do to show them jumping extraordinarily at the risk of disappointing the buyers who won’t feel those artificial sensations in the long term. At the opposite, our aim is to train our young horses for bringing them as far as we can according to their own potential in the respect of the Animal in order to satisfy our clients who won’t have any bad surprises and get pleasure with their horse for a long time.

With more than 150 horses, Semilly’s Studfarm has the horse to meet your needs with a wide variety of quality horses for sale : from foals, broodmares, stallions, young horses, confirmed sport horses in showjumping, eventing or dressage, to International Grand Prix Horses.

Among the different pages above, you can find the details of some of our horses. Not all of them can be presented here, so if you are looking forward a certain type of horse, don’t hesitate to ask us. We would be happy to satisfy you with our own horses or the other ones we also know.

Generations of Horsemen in the service of breeding and equestrian sports

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