(Diamant de Semilly x Jeroboab x Uriel)

SFO – dark bay – 1,64m – 2005


XX = 59,2%

ISO 146
Performer placed in GP CSI 1,45m

not tested

Polyvalent in jumping and eventing







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  Energy, strength, great canter, balance, reactivity, scope :
Spirit of Semilly presents all the main qualities to become good jumper and sire.


Spirit of Semilly has a rich pedigree of 60,22% thoroughbred (cf. webpedigree)

HIS SIRE : DIAMANT DE SEMILLY : Recognized Best Selle Français Stallion, exceptional performer and classified Elite stallion

He is a son of Le Tot de Semilly, one of the best sires in the world and famous international jumping winner, and a dam by Amarpour xx.

Great showjumping winner at CSIO and CSIW level, he was crowned: World Champion with the French team and 9th in the individual ranking (WEG Jerez 2002), France Champion 2002, Team silver medal at the 2003 European Championships, Winner of the 1999 French 1st Category jumping criterium.
ISO 184.

Diamant de Semilly is placed BEST SELLE FRANCAIS STALLION, ranked ELITE with a 100% « bet value » (ANSF ranking) BSO +27 (1,00) and BEST STALLION WORLDWIDE (WBFSH showjumping stallions rankings 2015 and 2016).

He differs very significantly from all other stallions by the average value of the indices of his offspring which, with impressive regularity, has been clearly superior for many years. BSO + 26 (1.00).

Asathir (ex. Tecla d’Auge ISO 174) CSIO5* ; Deauville S CSIO5* ; Don VHP Z CSIO5* ; Dylon CSI5* ; Emerald, winner of the Sires of the World of the 7 ans 2011, vice-Champion of the World of the 6 yo Lanaken 2010, CSIO5* ; Emilie de Diamant CSIO5* ; Erenice HortaChampion of Belgium of the 7YO 2011, CSIO5* ; Extra Van Essene CSIO5* ; Guv´nor CSIO5* ; Heliodor Hybris CSIO5* ; Ilex VP CSIO5* ISO 168 ; Inca Boy van’t Vianahof CSIO5* ; Jésus de la Commune ISO 171 ; Joyau d’Opal ISO 181 ; Kalaska de Semilly IE SO ISO 169, JO Pékin 2008, JEM 2010, Silver Medal Asian Games 2010 ; Street Of Diamonds (ex-Kho de Presle) ISO 178 ; Niack de l’Abbaye ISO 175, JEM Lexington, JO London ; Obiwan de Piliere ISO 170 ; Pacific des Essarts ISO 177, CSIO5*; Picolo ISO 171 ; Piman de la Deviniere ISO 173 ; Polinska des Isles ISO 178, CSIO5* ; Prunella d’Ariel ISO 172, JEM Normandy ; Quickly de Kreisker ISO 183, JEM Normandie ; Rock’N Roll Semilly ISO 174, CSIO5* ; Safari d’Auge CSI5*, ISO 167 ; Salamera de la Nutria CSIO5* ; Sunshine CSIO5* ; Toledo de Kerser ICC 155, médaille d’Or par équipe en complet aux JEM de Tryon ; Tower Mouche ISO 170 ; Utamaro d’Ecaussines CSIO5*, JEM Normandy ; Valentino Tuilière ISO 168, Venizia d’Aiguilly ISO 171, Viamant du Matz ICC 161, Villamoura ISO 165, Verdi Treize ISO 167 …

HIS DAM : AMOUR DE CHANTEPIE: daughter of Jeroboab by the famous thoroughbred Night and Day

She has also produced :

♦ 1999 Lagon de l’Abbaye, ISO 167, full brother, SF stallion
♦ 2001 Nirvana de l’Abbaye (full sister
          • 2009 Vent du Large, ISO 126
          • 2010 Adzaro de l’Abbaye, ISO 131, SF stallion
          • 2011 Black de l’Abbaye, ISO 146
          • 2014 Emilton de l’Abbaye, ISO 113
♦ 2002 Orlane de l’Abbaye
          • 2012 Caprice de l’Abbaye, ISO 140
          • 2013 Donald de l’Abbaye, ISO 126
♦ 2003 Portland de l’Abbaye, ISO 123
♦ 2006 Spirit of Semilly ISO 146, full brother of Lagon de l’Abbaye, SF stallion
♦ 2007 Tyruana de l’Abbaye, ISO 115
♦ 2009 Viconte de l’Abbaye, ISO 126
♦ 2010 Amour de l’Abbaye
          •  2017 Hoptum de l’Abbaye, ISO 118, étalon SF
♦ 2015 Floride de l’Abbaye, ISO 120

HIS 2ND DAM : REINE DE CHANTEPIE : by Uriel and grandmother of the great performer and stallion Grenat de Grez

She has also produced:

♦ 1990 Chantepie
• 1994 Grenat de Grez, ISO 165, HN stallion
♦ 1991 Diane de Chantepie, ISO 114
• 1999 Loulou de Chantepie, ISO 117
♦ 1992 Elite de Chantepie, ISO 121
♦ 1993 Filou de Chantepie, ISO 126
♦ 1995 Hello de Chantepie, ISO 119
♦ 1997 Java de Chantepie
• 2002 Opium Garette, ISO 117
• 2004 Quemister Garette, ISO 142
• 2005 Rose Rouge Garette, ISO 129
• 2013 Damascena Garette, ISO 133
• 2017 Himanka Garette, ISO 115
• 2009 Vice Versa Garette
• 2016 Gareth de St Priest ISO 119
• 2011 Bogana Garette, ISO 119  

HIS 3RD DAM : NICAELLA II (by Elf III): dam of the stallion Taquin de Chantepie et grandmother of Nuggets l’Amandour

She has also produced:

♦ 1985 Taquin de Chantepie, ISO 154, private stallion
♦ 1988 Agile de Chantepie, ISO 132
          • 1992 Ellone l’Amandour, ISO 115, national stallion
          • 1996 Ifisse l’Amandour, ISO 120
          • 1999 Luciole l’Amandour, ISO 120
          • 2001 Nuggets l’Amandour, ISO 158
          • 2003 Premium l’Amandour, ISO 124
♦ 1992 Eclat de Chantepie, ISO 111
          • 2006 Senso des Milands, ISO 133
♦ 1995 Halfa de Chantepie, ISO 113
          • 2002 Osiris de Chantepie, ISO 121
                   • 2005 Romanov de Talma, ISO 123
          • 2003 Perle de Chantepie, ISO 133
♦ 1996 Ideal de Chantepie, ISO 115
♦ 2000 Miss de Chantepie
          • 2004 Quinine de Chantepie, ISO 118
          • 2005 Royal de Chantepie, ISO 132
          • 2007 Taquin de Chantepie, ISO 121
          • 2008 Urbaine de Chantepie
                     • 2013 Diana de Chantepie, ISO 142
          • 2009 Venus de Chantepie, ISO 111
          • 2012 Carlina Breil, ISO 131



She has also produced:

♦  1978 Ma Folie II
          •  1987 Vent Fou, ISO 135


The mother of IryaEmbuche is also at the base of many jumping winners like  : Vent Fou ISO 135, As des Templiers ISO 149, Decurion Normand ISO 153, Trappeur Normand ICC 146, Caro de Cherence ISO 140, Ace ISO 155, Jacquet ICC 167, Label V IE SO, etc.


Performer placed in Grand Prix CSI 1,50m

In 2017, Spirit of Semilly is regularly placed with Alexis Gautier , such as: 

  • 2nd of the 1,40m Pro1 Grand Prix in Les Pieux
  • 6th of a 1,50m class in Deauville CSI3* 
  •  5th of a 1,45m class in Rouen CSI4*
  • 7th of a 1,40m Grand Prix in Le Mans,
  • 7th of a 1,40m Grand Prix in Cabourg, 
  • He finishes in season with 3 rankings in Saint Lo CSI : 9th of a 1,40m, 6th of a 1,45m and 7th of the Grand Prix.

ISO 146

Other performances


Spirit of Semilly is regularly placed with Alexis Gautier   : 4th of a 1,40m class in Saint Lo CSI3*, 6th of a 1,45m class in Hardelot CSI3*, 6th of a 1,40m class in Le Mans CSI2*, 7th of a 1,40m Grand Prix in Le Mans, 7th of a 1,40m Grand Prix in Cabourg, 8th 140 CSI3* Le Touquet, 3rd of a 1,35m class in Deauville…


Spirit of Semilly begins in 1,45m GP with great ease : 13th in Montfort sur Meu, 8th in Deauville, 9th in Dinard, 10th in Avranches, 6th in Auvers, 7th in Cesson Sevigne, etc.


He is placed 4th in Brecey, 4th in St Sauveur le Vicomte, 9th in Greville Hague, 9th in Villedieu les Poëles, 10th in Notre Dame d’Estrées, 17th in Betton, etc.


He made a great 6 YO showjumping season, being placed regularly, winning in Les Pieux, 2nd in Villedieu, 6th in Bayeux, … Double clear round in Fontainebleau, he was the leading sire of the 6 YO French Championships but injured himself in the final and had to retired … disappointing, but in no way detracts from his merit nor his future career !


Spirit of Semilly is Finalist of the 5YO at the French Championships in Fontainebleau.


He is ranked among the best 4 YO of the French Championships, qualified « Excellent« .


Approved SF at the 2009 French 3 YO Stallion Championships. His energy and strength have been appreciated by the jury of the stallion test in December and he was one the most appreciated stallions of this approbation.



Started breeding in 2010.


His first offspring are well indexed in showjumping, like : Babouchka du Herrin ISO 128 and 2nd of the CSI* in Royan  (2019), Baka Del Toons ISO 133, Bolero du Bisson ISO 110, Brin de la Bresse ISO 113, Brownie de Valor ICC 110, Brume de Sainval ISO 120, Crocodile Dund’Huit IPO 159, Dior d’Ange ISO 113,  Fleur de Vie ISO 121, Funless de Lyons ISO 110 etc

Crocodile Dund'Huit

(Spirit of Semilly x ponette par Little Boy du Vent)

TDA de Barbizon

Babouchka du Herrin

(Spirit of Semilly x Eclair des Bois)

Baka del Toons

(Spirit of Semilly x Feu Follet Marins)

Polyvalent stallion in Jumping and Eventing

Good sire of showjumpers and eventers, Spirit passes down his energy, scope, good balance, great canter and great willingness.









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120 to 140 : Very Good
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