(Quaprice Boimargot x Jus de Pomme x Transvaal)

SF – bay – 1,67m – 2010


XX = 64,19 %

ISO 148
GP 1,55m CSI4*
Champion de France jeunes cavaliers 2022

not tested

« VERY GOOD » at the end of the 4-year-old Championship








❝  Artiste is a perfect crossing between Quaprice and a dam by the Olympic Champion Jus de Pomme, which is similar to the ones of Baltic VDL. This crossing has proven its reliability and in addition, several showjumping winners come from the dam line of Artiste. This stallion has proven himself his ease at top level, placed with his young rider in the hard 1,50m Grand Prix CSIO3* in Deauville. They are also together Champion of France of the Young Riders 2022 and competed up to 1,55m GP CSI4*. Artiste has strong hindquarters, is handsome, tonic, moves very well and jumps with suppleness, strength and top hind end technique. 


Artiste de l’Abbaye has 64% thoroughbred blood in his pedigree  (Cf. webpedigree)
Artiste comes from the perfect crossing between Quaprice x the Olympic Champion Jus de Pomme, which is similar to the ones of Baltic VDL. This crossing has proven its reliability. In addition, several showjumping winners come from the dam line of Artiste.

HIS SIRE : QUAPRICE BOIMARGOT : Son of Quidam de Revel and an excellent Holsteiner maternal line.

Son of the famous Quidam de Revel with a great holsteiner damline : His 1st dam, Wella I, has also produced : Diana IV (dam of the great international winner Conduct with Conor Swail) ; Flandia (dam of the good international showjumpers Coloredo with Markus Renzel and Cadillac with Eric Navet, ISO 162) ; Ornella (Champion of France at 6 YO and then great internationale winner with Daniel Deusser) ; …
His 2nd dam, Lyrik, has also produced : Lantaan Holsteiner stallion ; Traumfee (2nd dam of the international winner Carnaval La Silla with Susanne Behring) ; Zisterne 2nd dam of the stallions Caesar van de Helle (sire of numerous international showjumpers like Cooper Van de Heffinck), Cezaro good international winner and Quinault great international winner with Mikael Forsten, …
His 3rd dam, Flandia, has also produced : Literat private stallion ; Odine (dam of the great international winner Operette La Silla with Jan Tops and 2nd dam of the stallion Clintino) ; Padura (2nd dam of the stallions Cordoba VDL and Caricello) ; Sultanin (2nd dam of the stallion Quebec) ; Umberto private stallion ; Zita IX (mother of the stallions Carbonnieux Van de Helle and Libertus).

His dam line is the n°504 in the Holsteiner studbook where also come from the stallion New Time very good CSI winner and the international showjumpers: Eurocommerce New Orleans (Gerco Schröder), Candy (Alois Pollman-Schweckhorst), …

Quaprice BoiMargot (ex. Quincy) began breeding in France in 2004 and has already produced the stallions Adzaro de l’Abbaye ISO 131, Banzaï Semilly ISO 134, Bears étalon KWPN, Be Mine d’Authuit ISO 150, Butterfly Ennemmel ISO 169, Rissoa d’Ag Champion de France des étalons de 3 ans 2008 ISO 170, Regent de Montsec ISO 150, Ria Brulaire ISO 152Ricore Courcelle ISO 160Sam du Challois ISO 162, Shampagne Batilly Champion de France des étalons de 3 ans 2009 ISO 146, Soliste du Janlie ISO 148, Solitude au Vent ISO 157, Strangelove Ennemmel ISO 146, Sublim des Grezils ISO 142, Tender Bride ISO 155Top Gun Semilly ISO 141, Ultrachic de Charmois ISO 154, Vertige de Galarzacs ISO 157…

And the performers Abricot Ennemelle ISO 169, Artiste de l’Abbaye ISO 148, Atomic des Luthiers ISO 154, Beau Gosse du Park ISO 163, Bingo du Chateau ISO 163, Berdenn de Kergane ISO 162, Cheri Lady ISO 154, Crack d’la Rousserie ISO 157, Dancing de l’Enclos ISO 147, Darjee d’Authuit ISO 139, Democrate Bois Margot ISO 140, Djibouti de Kerizac ISO 161, Egee Levaillant ISO 143, Etna du Chateau ISO 143, Ratina d’la Rousserie ISO 168, Reflet d’Azif ISO 150, Robin d’Epic ISO 157, Rosalie Divine ISO 155, Sangria du Coty ISO 166, Solitude au Vent ISO 157, Talisman de Mazure ISO 160, Terceira ISO 151, Trafalgar Kervec ISO 164, Une Etoile d’Elle ISO 150, Unetoile de la Serre ICC 149, Uncle Sam ISO 151, Uplands du Richemont ISO 150, Uqualin du Saulcy ISO 155, Vivaldi du Theil ISO 167, Viking d’la Rousserie ISO 171


HIS 1st DAM : QUEEN VAN BERKENBROEK: is one of the rare mare by the Olympic Champion Jus de Pomme

Jus de Pomme had a small but very high quality production with among others: O de Pomme (Olympic Games Athens), Baragway (JEM Aachen), Jumpy des Fontaines (Olympic Games Beijing), Marlou (5th World Cup Las Vegas), Quervo Gold (JEM Aachen), V de Pomme (JEM Lexington), etc.

Artist’s mother has also produced several international champions: Abbervail van het Dingeshof CSIO5* Denis Lynch, Una van Berkenbroeck CSIO5* Tim Stockdale, Warrior van het Dingeshof CSI3* Simon Buckley.

Artist’s mother has also produced in France:

♦ 2003 Posy de Beaufour, ISO 129
          • 2009 Venicici de Beaufour, ISO 137
          • 2011 Bolero de Beaufour, ISO 146
          • 2014 Elvira de Beaufour, ISO 136
2004 Quinox de l’Abbaye, ISO 138, exported to Algeria, CSI 1,45m
♦ 2005 Rilson de l’Abbaye exported to Denmark, CSI 1,45m
♦ 2008 Ushuaia de l’Abbaye, ISO 122
          • 2011 Bugano de l’Abbaye, ISO 141
          • 2014 Equistar de l’Abbaye, ISO 139
♦ 2012 Cherry Queen Semilly
♦ 2015 Fortuna Semilly, ISO 121

Back in top form for his 2024 season, Artiste de l’Abbaye is ranked 2nd in the 1.45m Grand Prix of Saint Lô.

In 2023, still ridden by Dylan Levallois, Artiste win the Gorla Minore CSIO3* Nation Cup and he’s ranked 2nd in the Opglabbel CSIOY Nation Cup with the Youngs Riders French Team

Others 2023 perfomances : 

  • clear-round in the Deauville CSI3* (1,40cm)  
  • clear-round in the CSI3* Cabourg
  • ranked in 145 with jump-off Grand NAtional d’Auvers

In 2022, Artiste is ridden by the Young Rider Dylan Levallois. They are regularly ranked together in 1m45 and 1m50 classes.

  • 6th GP1m50 CSIO3* Deauville
  • 3rd GP1m45 Fontainebleau

Others performances

In 2019, Artiste de l’Abbaye is placed 5th of the 1,50m Grand Prix in Montfort sur Meu, 8th of the 1,45m GP in Canteleu, 9th of the 1,45m GP in Saint Lô.

In 2018, Artiste de l’Abbaye begins the showjumping season as well as he ended the previous with several rankings : 5th in Auvers 1,35m Grand Prix and 9th in the 1,30m class, 10th of the second GP135 in Auvers, 13th of the 1,30m in Saint Lô and clear round in the 1,40m, 11th of a 1,40m class in Deauville, 11th of the 1,40m GP in Montfort sur Meu, 13th of the 1,35m GP in Le Pin, 5th of the 1,40m GP in Deauville, 11th of the 1,40m and 10th of the 1,45m GP in Notre Dame d’Estrées, 10th of a 1,45m class in Canteleu CSI3*, clear round in the 1,50m indoor Grand Prix of Saint Lô.

In 2017, Artiste achieved a very good season with many good results in 7YO Grand Prix. He was clear round in two 7YO classes in Saint Lô CSI, 6th in the 1,40m Grand Prix in Saint Lo CSI2*, 5th in Grand Prix TOP 7 in Rennes, 8th of Grand Prix TOP 7 of the Normandy Horse Show, 8th of a 7YO class in La Hague CSI, 9th of Grand Prix TOP 7 in Cabourg, 8th of a 1,35m speed class in Deauville, 14th of the 1,35m Pro GP in Saint Lo, etc.

In 2016, Artiste qualified easily for the 6YO Championships of France at Fontainebleau.

In 2014, Artiste shows great potential in 4 YO classes and is placed 3rd of the inter-Regional Championships in Normandy ! He has been qualified easily for the 4YO French Championships in Fontainebleau and finished among the best, ranked « Very Good« . 

Artiste has been approved during the French Championships of the 3YO Stallions 2013, placed 4th.



Entered at Haras in 2014, the first foals of Artiste are powerful and have an energic nature. They show beautiful gaits light and supple.

In 2022, Felin de St Martin ranked 3rd at the Italian team Championship.

In 2018, one of his son, Ikam de l’Horizon was anointed France Vice-Champion of the foals in the older males category.

The very young Artist production looks promising: Felin de St Martin, exported in Italy where he wins at 7yo a 135 GP, he is ranked in 140 GP and finished 3rd by team at the 2022 Italy Championship, Formuleflorale Brenus ISO 116, Frimousse de Nesque ICC 126 (4th of the 2021 Eventing Championship in Pompadour (cycle libre 3rd year), Galion de Frenay ISO 131, Guepard de France ISO 110, Guess d’Ajon ISO 127 …

More infos +

Artiste also produced :  Falco de France ISO 111, Fiftyfifty de Boheme ISO 115, Ilano de l’Abbaye ISO 110…

Fauvette du Dalot

Artiste X Ivory Star

Félin de St Martin

(Artiste de l’Abbaye & Diamant de Semilly)
3ème par équipe Championnat d’Italie

Ferenka Dear

Artiste x Ivory Star

Fleur de l'If

Artiste x Diamant

Grussgott dela Mazure

Artiste x Vesontio du Mesnil

Heïdi Dear

Artiste x Lagon de l’Abbaye

Ikam de l'Horizon

Artiste x Baccalaureat

Ittica Dear

Artiste x Lagon de l’Abbaye

Luminescence Brenus

 Artiste de l’Abbaye x Air Jordan

Narcotic Semilly

Artiste de l’Abbaye x Chipie Chic par Diamant

Nola de l'Abbaye

Artiste de l’Abbaye x Le Tot de Semilly

Niaouli Semilly

Artiste de l’Abbaye x Diamant de Semilly

Nice Tea Semilly

Artiste de l’Abbaye x Diamant de Semilly

Artiste passes on strength in hindquarters, suppleness, energy and beautiful gaits.








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