Since several years, Semilly’s studfarm is the center N°1 in France and pioneer in equine reproduction technique. You can trust our acquired knowledge and skill for your mares. From foaling to gestation diagnosis, the team of Semilly’s studfarm managed by his chief center, Richard Levallois, gives you all his competencies depending on your needs, with the insurance of his experience and reliability.

BE CAREFUL ! The stallions are not all accepted. Check previously with Haras de Semilly before sending semen and mares.


Each year, more than 600 juments are inseminated at Semilly’s studfarmIt presents a percentage of 70% of foals born upon the inseminations done the year before in his center, which is the best (which is excellent compare to the number of mares inseminated) !

The Levallois family, who established and developed this stud farm almost 30 years ago, has been working with horses for generations. From foaling to gestation diagnosis, the team of Semilly’s studfarm managed by his chief center, Richard Levallois, gives you all his competencies depending on your needs, with the insurance of his experience and reliability.

Your mare can be inseminated at Semilly’s stufarm by any stallion available on the market. Of course we practice inseminations with fresh, chilled or frozen semen and we are also used to do deep inseminations if necessary (when there are only few straws available, if mares have some gynaecological problems, …). Gynaecological and ovarian exams are conducted daily – or even several times per day if needed, like in case of embryo transfer or when only few straws are available or in other special cases.

Moreover, his qualitative results are also excellent. In fact, the official SIRE results gave us the percentage of the foals born upon the inseminations declared the year before by the AI centers. This percentage is of course smaller than the pregnancies rate because there are always some abortions or dead foals after birth. Anyway Semilly’s studfarm presents a percentage of 70% of foals born upon the inseminations done the year before in his center, which is the best (which is excellent compare to the number of mares inseminated) !

Semilly’s studfarm is qualified REQS ELITE and is involdved in a quality and high technical professional process.



Semilly’s Stud has been performing embryo transfer for more than twenty years. With our acquired knowledge and skill, we obtain one of the best results in Europe. This expertise ensures outstanding success. COMPETENCYRELIABILITYFLEXIBILITY and GUARANTEE are the quality guarantee to which we are involded in order to obtain the best pregnancy rates.



  • Have offspring with some mares who could have any themselves,
  • Avoid the risks of a gestation to an old mare or a mare who went on competition for several years and didn’t foal yet,
  • Speed up the genetic progress by getting offspring with young mares which are tested on the shows at the same time.
  • Increase the production of a very good broodmare.

Ourselves we often practice embryo transfert for our breeding and produced this way many sport horses and stallions like : Eloïse de Semilly (2002 Jerez WEG) and Kalaska de Semilly (2008 Beijing OG) by the excellent Normandy Night who became old, Right Now Semilly (4YO vice-Champion of the Inter-Regional Show in Le Lion d’Angers 2009) by our CSI mare Jaffna de SemillyRock’N Roll Semilly (Champion of France of the 4 YO 2009) in order to get the bloodline of Oriele de la Mare, …

At the time that many embryo transfer centres are starting up everywhere, what are the assets which characterize Couvains Stud ? 


Le Haras de Semilly réalise des transferts embryonnaires depuis plus d’une vingtaine d’années. Pionniers dans ce domaine, nous avons acquis un savoir-faire et une technicité desquels découlent les meilleurs pourcentages de réussite au niveau européen, vous garantissant ainsi une grande efficacité.


Working with an independent society, we can ensure embryos “traceability.

Our recipient mares are carefully selected for optimum breeding characteristics. We only choose mares that are sound, young, have already foaled successfully at least once, and of good size and body condition. Most are trotter or saddle mares, although some are light draft mares. All of our mares are fed excellent quality hay and supplements in order to leave nothing to chance for the success of embryo transfers. As soon as the pregnancy has been confirmed after 21 days gestation, the receiving mares go to field in rich Norman pastures which optimises embryos implantation and their good development until the recipient mares departure.


We keep about 250 of recipient mares to offer to our clients a wide range of procedures depending on the constraints they can have with their mares :

  • A part of our recipient mares are kept under artificial lights during winter to allow an early start of the breeding season. We also give to the breeders the possibility to keep going quite lately for the ones who want to do an embryo transfer after the showjumping season
  • Inseminations can be done at Semilly’s stud or in another AI centre
  • Collects can be realised at Semilly’s stud or in another place by our ET team or by another vet who will send us sent the collected embryos
  • The receiving mares can be lent or sold


We propose a report of the the embryo transfert in case of abortion or foal’s death at birth. In order to specify prices and conditions, you can download the embryo transfer contract or contact us at this address :

« Filly of Weihaiwej, World champion with Franck Sloothak, and Le Tot de Semilly, conceived by embryo transfer by Richard LEVALLOIS. She was born in 2001 at Couvains’ stud.
On the picture, she thrives on the rich Norman grass with her receiving mare before her departure to Italy at San Patrignano, his owner ».

We appreciate the trust that owners from all over Europe have placed in us 

  • They brought at our stud of embryo transfer their top jumping mares, such as : Aranka (Champion of France 2009), Belladona, Birdy d’Opal, Caluma de Rhuys, Circée d’Helby, Diam’s, Diane du Landey, Dictée, Dody de Chalusse, Eisha For Ever, Elue de Saint Siméon, Etincelle de Moens, Etoile du Château, Etornella, Etoupe II, Eve des Etisses, Flèche du Plessis, Flo Jo, Floralie’Jac, Hirondel du Marais, Idylle du Thot, Infante des Chênes, Infinie Rivage, Intrépide du Vallon, Jaffna de Semilly, Jalna Pierreville, Jumpy de Kreisker, Kassandre Erger, Kiss Mi des Nauves, Latina, Licorne d’Or, Midinette Deux, Mo Chroi (winner of the Dublin Horse Show), Nicoméa, Olympia, Osyris, Patchouli’t Kesterbeekbos, Qerly Chin, Quanagra, Quieva du Marais, Quina des Bruyères, Rienza des Loups, Unie d’Espoir, Vinca Major, Wanda, the World Champion Weihaiwej, the crack pony Grace Pondi, etc.
  • They brought at our stud of embryo transfer their top broodmares, such as : Aventure II, Azalée de Mai II (dam of Hermès Saint Lois), Bébé du Château, Betty de Kreisker (dam of Jumpy de Kreisker and Fakir de Kreisker), Calbonny (dam of Mozart des Hayettes), Déesse des Vaux, Degina, Demie Lune, Dirka de Revel, Ecume du Chatillon, Eden du Rozel, Emblème du Plessis, Energie d’Auzay (sister of Galet and Hermine d’Auzay), Gekas des Forêts, Hirondel du Marais, Infinie Rivage, Iroise de Grandry, Jaina de Beaufour, Jolie Narcotique, Jolly Girl de Kervec, Karma de Nantuel, Kiss Me des Joncs, Marilyn des Hayettes, Mesange du Rouet (dam of Baloubet du Rouet), Noblesse de Thurin, Origine d’Elle (dam of Gold du Talus), Razzia de Revel (full sister of Quidam de Revel), Revangika (sister of Krishna), Rosière du Rozel, Roxelane III (dam of Digne Saint Lois), Quolombia, Sabelle des Loups, Shannon (dam of Elkintot), Trophée de Prissey (dam of Idéal de Prissey), Voltige du Pas (dam of Fétiche du Pas) , etc.


Give your foal a safe start at Semilly’s Stud. Your mare will be housed in a spacious foaling stall, ensuring a relaxed, low-stress environment. Video supervision and a  » Birth Alarm  » girth allow staff to monitor her progress. Thanks to Richard Levallois and his professionalism, your mare can foal in optimal conditions.


Semilly’s Stud covers more than 200 hectares (around 500 acres) of top quality Norman pastureland. Depending on the season, your mares will enjoy our spacious stalls and spacious paddocks or our pastures full of rich Norman grass and enclosed with secure wood fencing. We feed a diet of excellent quality hay and supplements that are carefully selected to maintain the health of your mare and her foal.

If you want to, our professional team can also train your sport mare during her stay.

In order to specify prices and conditions, you can contact us at this address :


Our collection room, phantom, and modern laboratory meet or exceed European standards. Let us provide you with high quality fresh, cooled or frozen semen (that is to say for frozen doses : at least 35% of alive spermatozooa which shoot off, with a concentration of 400 millions per dose. A dose which wouldn’t respect those criteria is not marketed. For our own stallions, the quality criteria could have been risen up to 40%. For some like Diamant de Semilly or Calypso d’Herbiers we exceed 50% in some samples, which is noteworthy for frozen semen).

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