(For Pleasure x Diamant de Semilly x Quidam de Revel)

SF – bay – 1,70m – 2016


BSO+21 (0.62)
XX : 51,35%

ISO 139
15th of the 7YO French Championship 2023
Normandy 5-year-old champion (2021)
French 3-year-old SF stallion champion (2019)

non carriers









❝  What else?

He has got everything ! Good Pleasure is a modern stallion who dominates by his charisma and his perfect type, very chic. When the machine starts he deploys its sumptuous gaits with tone, balance, fluidity, flexibility and power in engagement. Over the jumps, he finishes convincing everyone by his strike, cleverness over the jumps, scope, suppleness and ease.  


Good Pleasure Semilly has 51,35% thoroughbred blood in his pedigree (Cf.webpedigree). Crossing of 3 Leading Sires with an exceptional dam line ! His grand-dam is the French Champion Etoupe II. She comes from one of the Best Selle Francais dam line from which also come from exceptional showjumpers like Dubaï du Cèdre, Quickly de Kreisker, Qoud’Coeur de la Loge, First de Launay, Ionesco de Brekka, etc.


HIS SIRE : FOR PLEASURE : Best Performer in the World in Show Jumping in 2003 and Olympic Champion

Author of a brillant international sportive career under the saddle of Marcus Ehning and Lars Nieberg with 77 winnings in GP CSI, CSI-W, whose the CSI5* in Zurinch (2004), the CSIW in Leipzig (2004), the CSIW in Göteborg (2003), the CSIW of Geneva (1996), the CSIW in Brussel (1996) etc...

For Pleasure has been awarded :

  • World Best show jumping winner in 2003 by the WBFSH,
  • German Champion in 1995 and 2002,
  • Olympic Champion in team in Atlanta and also Sydney,
  • European team Champion in Mannheim, Donaueschingen (3rd in individual) and Hickstead.

For Pleasure is also very well placed as a stallion, ranked 2nd Best Sire of showjumpers worldwide in 2016 ( WBFSH rankings). He is still placed among the best stallions of the World in 2019 and is one of the most wanted sire.

Among his best offspring, we noticed:

- Flora de Mariposa ISO175 CSIO5* - Olympic Team Champion in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and Vice-World Team Champion at the World Games in 2014.
- For Joy van't Zorgvliet, 2nd GP CSI5* Paris, 3rd GP CSI5* Valkenswaard, ISO 172 (19).
- Epleaser van't Heike 1er CSI5* de Villach 2016;
- For Felicila CSI5*- CSIO;
- For Success CSI4*;
- Barron 2ème CSIO5* St Gallen 2016 et 2th in team in Rio de Janeiro JO 2016;
- Fit For Fun 13 winner of GP CSI5* de Rotterdam, Al Rayyan, Doha and Bale;
- Ottawa Meraviglia di Ca'San Giorgio CSI5*;
and many others...

Among his best indexed offspring in France, we noticed the very good winners in CSIO and CSI-W: Castle Forbes Cosma; Fernando; Funky Fred; Hello Forever; My Pleasure; Ornellaia, CSIO5* with J. Whitaker then P. Moloney; Quilébo du Tillard ISO 163 (14); Randon Pleasure; Romane du Theil ISO 166 (15); Rush d’Hoogpoort ISO 168 (09); Shiva d'Amaury ISO 169 (16); Soory de l'Hallali, CSI5*-W with L. de Luca, ISO 169 (19); VDL Groep Beauty... And the stallions Québec Tame ISO 162 (13); Quinquet d'Ivraie ISO 151 (16)...

The lovers of genetic will also enjoy the maternal lineage of Good Pleasure, one of the best of the Selle Français studbook !

HIS1st DAM : BETTY BOOP SEMILLY: daughter of the N ° 1 Mondial Diamant de Semilly stallion

His dam, Betty Boop Semilly, has also produced :

• 2016 Good Mood Semilly, placed in 1,40m 7 YO Grand Prix, ISO 130, and then exported to USA• 2016 Good Feeling Semilly, ISO 119 and then exported to Spain where she was placed in 7 YO classes
• 2015 Hot Pleasure Semilly,  full brother of Good Pleasure, SF approved stallion, 3rd of 6 YO French Championship 2023, Elite, ISO 140• 2015 Hot Kiss Semilly, ISO 117

HIS 2nd DAM : ETOUPE II: Grand champion of show jumping, ISO161

ETOUPE II, his 2nd mother is a great showjumping champion, ISO161.

She left a great memory in the french showjumping world, especially when she became Champion of France at 5YO and 6 YO. She dedicates herself during many years to her sportive career, so she was used for reproduction quite latetly and most of her offspring are still young:

♦ 2007 Toscane du Hequet
          • 2011 Boogy d'Argouges, ISO 146, CSI 1,40m
          • 2011 Brooklyn d’Argouges, ISO 140
          • 2014 Ehllo d'Argouges, ISO 136
          • 2015 Félicie d'Argouges, ISO 134, qualified "Very Good" at 4yo
          • 2017 Henitsa d'Argouges, ISO 114
♦ 2008 Ulyss du Hequet, ISO 122
♦ 2010 Angelina Gibay, ISO 141, CSIYH 1,40m
♦ 2012 Chatham Semilly, ISO 126 at 5 years then exported to Italy
♦ 2012 Chaman Semilly, ISO 122
♦ 2015 Flyer Semilly, ISO 134
♦ 2015 Fly High Semilly, ISO 135
♦ 2015 Flying Girl Semilly, ISO 132
♦ 2016 Golden Boy Semilly, ISO 125


She his also produced:

♦ 1980 Osca de l'Ampliere
          • 1985 Trésor de Molière, ISO133
          • 1992 Extra de Lauvotte, ISO138
          • 2001 Nykos des Glayes, ISO138
♦ 1981 Pamplière, ISO144
          • 1990 Cabri du Hequet, ISO150, stallion
          • 1991 Dorsay, ISO147 IESO, stallion
          • 1993 Foudroyant, ISO143
          • 1994 Grain de Soleil, ISO158, stallion
          • 1997 Joyau du Hequet, ISO134, stallion
          • 1998 Kidam du Hequet, ISO144
♦ 1982 Queven du Hequet, ISO119
          • 1991 Derby du Chanu, ISO139
          • 1994 Gypsy du Chanu, ISO150
                    • 2007 Traviata Sange, ISO138
          • 1996 Irresistible du Chanu, ISO124
                    • 2004 Quinai des Chayottes, ISO172, CSI5*
                    • 2006 Saphir des Chayottes, ISO159, CISO5*
          • 1998 Katchanue, ISO112
                    • 2004 Quel Chanu, ISO165, CSIO5*
                    • 2009 Vaillante du Chanu, ISO132
♦ 1989 Baladine IV, ISO145, CSI
          • 2004 Quereane d’Ete, ISO 124
                    • 2014 Enigma d’Ete, ISO 132
♦ 1990 Chipie du Hequet, ISO126
          • 1997 Jump du Hequet, ISO136



She has produced many jumping winners like : Alpha D ISO161, Peluche du Banney ISO156, Lolita de la Loge ISO163, Nade de l'Amplière ISO153, and from which also come from the international showjumping winners Qoud’Coeur de la Loge, Idalpha de Loiseliere, Fandango X, Verdi o’Merveilles, Riboy d’Alimat, …

HIS 5th DAM : SON ALTESSE: famous broodmare at the origin of countless show jumping champions

Son Altesse is the most famous SF broodmare. She comes from the excellent SF dam line n°62-63, at the root of countless showjumping champions.

She is the dam of 3 of the most well-known SF broodmares:

               * LIBELLULE, his 4th dam

               * KAVALA, from which comes from THURIN’s bloodline and also the international showjumping winners: First de Launay, Myra, Midway du Gisors, Vaja Hoy, Erroll, Undercover, Marius du Vallavan, Eden de la Rose, Bashung Courcelle, Arizona Star,…

               * MAGALI, from which comes from the international showjumping winners: Dubaï du Cedre, Quickly de Kreisker, Maximillian, Valdocco des Caps, Guepard de Brekka, Labrador de Brekka, Saura de Fondcombes, Ionesco de Brekka, Toscane d’Aiguilly, NJK No Regret (ex. Oceane de Brekka), Nokia de Brekka, Ratina d’la Rousserie, Viking d’la Rousserie, Crack d’la Rousserie, Baladine du Mesnil, Onestar du Mesnil, Salto des Nauves, Lady Chanu, Napoleon du Chanu, Noumea Deux, Sebastian (ex. Times de Granval), Champagne M’Aurea, Kouros d’Helby, Angela de Kreisker, Pactol Frace, Kiwi du Fraigneau, Kirfa de Kreisker, Once de Kreisker, Shalimar de Kerglenn, To Jump de Kerglenn, Urcos de Kerglenn, Quito de Kerglenn, Darius de Kerglenn, Dexter de Kerglenn, Kirfa de Kreisker, Quisling de Kreisker, Khan des Grez, Victorio des Grez, Stella Light, Luriosos For Ever, Ulievka de Brevel, Loops de Batilly,…

In 2023 , Good Pleasure has been placed again among the best 7 YO French showjumpers. During the 7 YO French Championships, he was placed 2nd of the 1,40m speed class and 15th of the 7 YO males.

He was also good winner in CSI-YH 7 years including:  

– winner in Fontainebleau in a 1.30m class– 2nd in Royan and 6th in Fontainebleau in 1.35m classes– 4th in Saint-Lô, 9th in Auvers, 15th in Notre-Dame d’Estrées in the 1.35m Grand Prix.

In 2022, Good Pleasure realized an excellent 6YO season, got qualified easily for the French championships and placed 34th among all the SF 6 YO.

In 2021, Good Pleasure Semilly is sacred Champion of Normandy of the 5 YO jumpers above 260 partants ! He is also qualified « Very Good » after the championship.

In 2020, in parallel to an exceptional breeding season done in fresh semen with more than 220 mares covered, he made 9 clear rounds above 10 and is placed 25th of the Top 100 best 4 YO French jumpers. 

Good Pleasure Semilly won the 3YO SF stallion Championships of Normandy and has been elected unanimously CHAMPION OF FRANCE 2019 OF THE 3YO SF STALLIONS after the stallion test !

This lord dominates by his perfect chic model, his sumptuous gaits with tone, balance, fluidityflexibility and power in engagement: a marvel ! And on the jumps, he finishes convincing everyone by his strength, his strike, his reactivity, his natural application, his ease: an undoubted gift !

Others performances :

In 2022 he ranked 2nd in Auvers CC, and 11th and 15th in Royan CSI youngs horses.




Good Pleasure started breeding in 2020.

The first offspring of Good Pleasure has been well appreciated by the judges in the breeding shows, especially :

  • 2023: Latino Semilly  has been approved SF stallion during the 2YO French Championships. Licorne du Bisson 14th of the 2 YO SF mares French Championship. Negundo BRL finalist of the SF foals French Championships.
  • 2022: Madame Destiny’s won the foals show of Yvetot and the Regional Championship in Le Pin. Melodie de Carolles ranked 4th in Sartilly. Muguet d’Ymonville won the foals show in Deauville and is placed 4th of  the SF foals French Championships. 
  • 2021: Legend du Moulin 5th of the old colts, Laroyale de Vougon 6th of the old fillies and Lys du Manoir 11th  of the young colts in the SF foals French Championships. 


He doesn’t pass on the Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (WFFS non-carrier). He has also been tested non-carrier PSSM1.

SF approved stallion, qualified “VERY PROMISING” by the SF studbook.

Lambada de l'île

Good Pleasure x Kannan

Laristocrate de Rais

Good Pleasure x Uzi x Concorde

Laroyale de Vougon

Good Pleasure x Jiky de Nantuel

6ème du Championnat de France 2021 – catégorie femelles âgées

Legend du Moulin

Good Pleasure x Vigo D’Arsouilles

5ème du Championnat de France 2021 catégorie mâles agés

Let Me dream Semilly

Good Pleasure x Cumano

Lisette du Hamel

Good Pleasure x Le Tot de Semilly


Good Pleasure x Contendro

Looping du Chene

Good Pleasure x Chicago Z

Lotridol de la Fontaine d'Anjou

Good Pleasure x Damiro B

Loverboy Semilly

Good Pleasure x Quidam de Revel

Lueur d'Aveyron

Good Pleasure x Romando de l’Abbaye

Lutin du Ruisseau

Good Pleasure x Helios de la Cour

Lynk Boy de St Aubert

Good Pleasure x Rock’N Roll Semilly

Madame Destiny's

Good Pleasure Semilly x Diamant de semilly x Darco

Mirando de l'Abbaye

Good Pleasure Semilly x Norman Pré Noir

Muguet d'Ymonville

Good Pleasure Semilly x Oscar des Fontaines

Negundo BRL

Good Pleasure x Bromelia by Geraldo

3 yo by Good Pleasure

Good Pleasure Semilly has everything required for modern breeding.

His first offspring is full of blood, chic, with good long necks, uphill balanced and moves very well. They are regularly placed among the best in the foals and young horses’ championships, which confirms our expectations on this up-and-coming stallion for jumping and eventing.









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