(Diamant de Semilly x Apache d’Adriers x Uriel)

SFO – bay – 1,68m – 2005


ISO 174 / BSO+24 (0.98)


not carrier










  Excellent showjumping winner placed in Grand Prix 1,60m CSIO5*. FRENCH REVELATION AMONG THE YOUNG SIRES BY THE QUALITY OF HIS OFFSPRING. Rock’n Roll Semilly is already placed since 4 years among the 10 best in sires of show jumpers in France and best young sire placed ELITE ! He is characterized by his easiness, huge scope, carefulness, amazing willingness and his excellent showjumping technique, like his sire, Diamant de Semilly and his whole damline from which also comes from many other top show jumpers.  

Rock’n Roll Semilly represents a TRUE VALUE as a sire !


Rock’n Roll Semilly has a rich pedigree of 58.86% thoroughbred (see details on webpedigree)

HIS SIRE : DIAMANT DE SEMILLY : Recognized Best Selle Français Stallion, exceptional performer and classified Elite stallion

He is a son of Le Tot de Semilly, one of the best sires in the world and famous international jumping winner, and a dam by Amarpour xx.

Great showjumping winner at CSIO and CSIW level, he was crowned: World Champion with the French team and 9th in the individual ranking (WEG Jerez 2002), France Champion 2002, Team silver medal at the 2003 European Championships, Winner of the 1999 French 1st Category jumping criterium.
ISO 184.

Diamant de Semilly is placed BEST SELLE FRANCAIS STALLION, ranked ELITE with a 100% « bet value » (ANSF ranking) BSO +27 (1,00) and BEST STALLION WORLDWIDE (WBFSH showjumping stallions rankings 2015 and 2016).

He differs very significantly from all other stallions by the average value of the indices of his offspring which, with impressive regularity, has been clearly superior for many years. BSO + 26 (1.00).

Asathir (ex. Tecla d’Auge ISO 174) CSIO5* ; Deauville S CSIO5* ; Don VHP Z CSIO5* ; Dylon CSI5* ; Emerald, winner of the Sires of the World of the 7 ans 2011, vice-Champion of the World of the 6 yo Lanaken 2010, CSIO5* ; Emilie de Diamant CSIO5* ; Erenice HortaChampion of Belgium of the 7YO 2011, CSIO5* ; Extra Van Essene CSIO5* ; Guv´nor CSIO5* ; Heliodor Hybris CSIO5* ; Ilex VP CSIO5* ISO 168 ; Inca Boy van’t Vianahof CSIO5* ; Jésus de la Commune ISO 171 ; Joyau d’Opal ISO 181 ; Kalaska de Semilly IE SO ISO 169, JO Pékin 2008, JEM 2010, Silver Medal Asian Games 2010 ; Street Of Diamonds (ex-Kho de Presle) ISO 178 ; Niack de l’Abbaye ISO 175, JEM Lexington, JO London ; Obiwan de Piliere ISO 170 ; Pacific des Essarts ISO 177, CSIO5*; Picolo ISO 171 ; Piman de la Deviniere ISO 173 ; Polinska des Isles ISO 178, CSIO5* ; Prunella d’Ariel ISO 172, JEM Normandy ; Quickly de Kreisker ISO 183, JEM Normandie ; Rock’N Roll Semilly ISO 174, CSIO5* ; Safari d’Auge CSI5*, ISO 167 ; Salamera de la Nutria CSIO5* ; Sunshine CSIO5* ; Toledo de Kerser ICC 155, médaille d’Or par équipe en complet aux JEM de Tryon ; Tower Mouche ISO 170 ; Utamaro d’Ecaussines CSIO5*, JEM Normandy ; Valentino Tuilière ISO 168, Venizia d’Aiguilly ISO 171, Viamant du Matz ICC 161, Villamoura ISO 165, Verdi Treize ISO 167 …

HIS 1st DAM : LA MARE: daughter of Apache d'Adriers, very big winner in CSIO

Rock’N Roll Semilly – son propre frère

She is a filly of Apache d’Adriers, CSIO winner himself, excellent sire of show jumpers, like : Kapitol d’Argonne 2006 World Championships for Italy, Idem de B’Neville who earned 208 411 euros in 2008, Madame Pompadour, Kanthaka de Petra, Karl de Lusse, etc. Apache d’Adriers is also wellknown as a great dam sire.

After have being successfully tested at 4YO, ISO 113, the mother of Rock’n Roll, La Mare, has been used as a broodmare. She passes on with an amazing regularity top quality to her offspring. She has produced many very good showjumpers like the ones below. All have the same willingness, top rideability, great showjumping abilities.
In 2019, La Mare has been placed best dam of the French Young Jumpers Championships in Fontainebleau, with 5 products qualified and 3 placed among the best of their generation (Djagger, Evora et Funky Music).

♦ 2002 Oriele de Keos
2011 Baltimora du Sud, ISO 143
2012 Caraïbes du Sud, ISO 132
2014 Equatoria du sud, ISO 119
2015 Falkand du Sud, ISO 129
2003 Peso de Keos, ISO 126
2005 Reggae Semilly, ISO 118
2005 Rockman de l’Abbaye, ISO 143, CSI5* en Italie
2005 Rock’n Roll Semilly, agréé étalon SF, ISO 174 (GP CSIO5* 1,60m)
2005 Rythmik Semilly, CSI en Suisse
2006 Shilling de Keos, ISO 125
2007 Tristale de Keos, ISO 113
2015 Festival Semilly, ISO 126
2008 Uriale de Keos
2011 Bagaira de l’Abbaye, ISO 118
2014 Eros de l’Abbaye, ISO 124
2011 Bodega Semilly, ISO 143
2011 Brasilia de l’Abbaye (par Ugano Sitte), ISO 139 vice-championne de France des 6 ans femelles 2018
2011 Brasilia de l’Abbaye (par Diamant), ISO 130
2011 Guarani Semilly
♦ 2012 Chinook Semilly, ISO 144
2012 Chouranga Semilly, ISO 131 à 5 ans puis exportée en Suisse
2013 Danakil Semilly, ISO 123
2013 Daytona Semilly, ISO 141 à 6 ans puis exportée aux USA
2013 Djagger Semilly, agréé étalon SF, ISO 146, 4ème du championnat de France des 6 ans 2019, ELITE
2014 Evora Semilly, ISO 130, 7ème du championnat de France des 5 ans 2019
2014 Eiffel de l’Abbaye, ISO 115
2015 Funky de l’Abbaye, ISO 118

HIS 2nd DAM : ORIELE DE LA MARE: French 6-year-old champion in 1986 under the saddle of Eric Navet

6 YO French Champion in 1986 with Eric Navet and then proved her potential at the highest level (ISO 150), before being used as a broodmare and generated excellent sport horses like :

♦ 1989 Bis de la Mare, IE SO, stallion SF
♦ 1990 Cybèle de la Mare
          • 1994 Goelette de la Mare, ISO 134
                    • 2006 Sangha du Jaolas, ISO 125
          • Khuriel de la Mare, ISO 148
          • Naiade du Haut Bois, ISO 125
♦ 1992 Egerie de la Mare, ISO 103
          • 1999 Lady d’Argouges, ISO 129
          • 2002 Oreka d’Argouges, ISO 124
          • 2003 Pearl d’Argouges, ISO 121
          • 2005 Raia d’Argouges, ISO 125
          • 2009 Velour d’Argouges, ISO 142
          • 2011 Blue Bay d’ARgouges, ISO 125
♦ 1997 Jet de la Mare, IE SO, ISO 132

HIS 3rd DAM : GOELETTE B: by the pur-sang Gaur (ISO 112)

She has also produced :

♦ 1979 Né de la Mare, ISO 127
♦ 1981 Pluriel de la Mare, agréé étalon SF
♦ 1982 Quirièle de la Mare
          • 1986 Uriela de la Mare, ISO 132
                    • 1996 Iana des Fontaines, ISO 127
          • 1987 Vive de la Mare, ISO 111
                    • 1994 Givre de Grée, ISO 127
                    •1995 Honneur de Grée, ISO 126
                    • 2000 Magicienne de Grée, ISO 147
          • 1991 Doris de la Mare, ISO 134
          • 1993 Fée de la Mare, ISO 114
                    • 2001 Nuidivine, ISO 149
                    • 2002 Ondivine, ISO 124
                    • 2003 Ptidivin, ISO 140
          • 1995 Huriela de la Mare, ISO 123
                    • 2008 Ultra du Grand Pre, ISO 126
          • 1995 Lurièle de la Mare, ICC118, ISO 121

HIS 4th DAM : JACOTTE: by the pur-sang Suez

She has also produced :

♦ 1964 Ubu du Roi, ICC 151, ISO 118
♦ 1965 Vestale
          • 1970 Egerie II, ISO 149
♦ 1966 Arès B, ISO 130
♦ 1967 Bethsabée
          • 1972 Gisors, ISO 148
          • 1974 Illustrator, stallion HN
          • 1975 Lychnis
                    • 1985 Timorrak des Isles, ISO 141, stallion HN
                    • 1988 Almach des Isles, ISO 137, stallion SF
                    • 1995 Hydatis des Isles, ISO 136
                    • 1997 Jalypso des Isles, ISO 123

          • 1979 Nathor, étalon HN
          • 1983 Remus des Isles, ISO 126, stallion SF
          • 1988 Astrée des Isles
                    • 1994 Galaad des Isles, ISO 124 stallion SF
                    • 2001 New Look des Blés, ISO 124
                    • 2003 Pavarotti des Blés, ISO 143


ISO 174

Rock’n Roll Semilly is a great showjumper placed in Grand Prix CSIO5*.

In 2018, Rock’n Roll regularly ranks in CSI5 * and further improves its index: ISO 174!

It is ranked:

  • 1st of a 1.40m
  • 6th in the GP1.55m at the CSI5 * in Zurich
  • 3rd in a 1.60m at the CSI5 * in Hamburg
  • 2nd in a 1.50m at the CSI5 * in Shanghai
  • 4th in a 1.55m at the CSI5 * of Chantilly
  • 6th in a 1.60m and 3rd in a 1.55m at the CSI5 * in Monte Carlo
  • 9th of a 1.55m at CSI5 * Estoril,


Other performances

In 2019, after an excellent start (2nd of a 1,45m class and 11th of a 1,40m class in Gorla Minore CSI, 2nd of a 1,40m class, 3rd, 7th, 8th and 10th of 1,45m classes in Oliva CSI), Rock’N Roll came back to Haras de Semilly for the breeding season to cover in fresh semen. Still in very good health, he kept competiting around in parallel with the junior rider Dylan Levallois. He also proved then his great easiness and excellent willingness that he also passes on to his offspring.

In 2018, Rock’n Roll is regularly placed in CSI5* : 1st of a 1,40m class and 6th of the 1,55m Grand Prix CSI5*, 3rd of a 1,60m class in Hamburg CSI5*, 2nd of a 1,50m class in Shanghaï CSI5*, 4th in a 1,55m class in Chantilly CSI5*, 6th in 1,60m and 3rd in 1,55m classes in Monte Carlo CSI5*, 9th of a 1,55m class Estoril CSI5*, 1st of a 1,45m class and 12th in the Grand Prix CSI3* Oliva, 1st of a 1,45m class in Bonheiden CSI3*, 8th in a 1,45m class in Nörten-Hardenberg CSI3*, etc.

In 2017, after being stopped for several month due to a muscle strain in shoulder after stumbled at the reception when landing from a jump in the first show of the year, Rock’n Roll has returned to the international with several rankings : 1st in a1,45m class in Liege CSI3*, 3rd of the GP CSI2* in Lier, 2nd of 1,45m and 1,40m classes in Stockholm CSI4*, 6th of a 1,40m class in Bonheiden CSI3*, 8th of the GP CSI2* in Bonheiden.

In 2016, Rock’n Roll won the Grand Prix 1,50m in Aachen CSI2* and was placed 5th in a 1,40m. Preselected for Rio Olympic Games, he was also 2nd of a 1,60m class in Dublin CSIO5*, 8th of a 1,60m class in La Baule CSIO5*, 13th in the 1,60m GP in Basel CSI5*, 13th in the 1,55m GP in Opglabbeek CSI3*, 8th in a 1,55m class in Valkenswaard CSI5*, 1st in a 1,50m class in Harthill Bolesworth CSI4*, 1st and 2nd in 1,50m class in Zandhoven CSI4*, etc.

Read the article on Rock’n Roll Semilly on the following link  : Article Rock’n Roll Grand Prix Magazine

In 2015, Rock’n Roll Semilly confirms his place at the top level, being placed 3rd of La Baule Grand Prix CSIO5*, 5th of Dublin Grand Prix CSIO5*, 6th of Treffen CSI5* ! He is also placed 2nd of a 1,50m class in Knokke, 4th of a 1,50-1,60m class in Dublin CSIO5*, 5th of a 1,50m in Aachen CSI5*, 5th of a 1,45m and 7th of a 1,50m class in Saint Tropez CSI5*, 5th of a 1,45m class and 10th of a 1,55m class in Madrid CSIO5* 

In 2014, Rock’n Roll Semilly is ridden by the Brazilian rider Marlon Modolo Zanotelli with whom he improves a lot and is already ranked 7th of Barcelona GP CSIO5*, 13rd of the Sires of the World in Lanaken, 8th of Roeser CSI3* GP, 10th of Bonheiden CSI2* GP, 2nd of a 1,40m class in Oliva CSI, …

« Rock’n Roll is a exceptional showjumper. He has the strength, the carefulness and the great willingness of the top showjumpers. He is clever and very endearing. » Marlon Modolo Zanotelli

In 2012, Rock’n Roll has done a fantastic season for a 7YO : he won his first GP140 in Les Pieux, 3rd of the GP140 in Villedieu, He also wins the 7 YO GP in Deauville, 2nd of the GP130 and 9th of the GP135 in Greville Hague, 9th of the GP130 in Bayeux, 6th of the GP135 and 7th of GP130 in Brecey, 5th of the GP130 in Villedieu, 4th of the GP135 in Auvers, …

In 2011, Rock’n Roll made his great come back in the 6 YO classes showing a lot of ease ! He is placed 7th in Auvers and is regularly clear-round. Qualified easily for the French Championships, he is sacred Champion of France of the 6 YO males ! It is a beautiful reward for this gifted showjumper and for all the breeders who trusted him since the beginning of his stallion career.

Rock’n Roll had been operated on for inguinal hernia at the end of february 2010, so he couldn’t compete at 5 YO.

In 2009, Rock’N Roll achieved a great showjumping season in the 4 YO classes and finished 4 YO Champion of Normandy. He is also sacred Champion of France of the 4 YO males out of more than 200 horses ! Ranked «  Elite ».
With 14 clear rounds / 14, he realised a perfect showjumping season, combined with an exceptional breeding season for a 4 YO with more than 330 mares covered !

Approved SF at the 2008 French 3 YO Stallion Championships. His qualities have been unanimously appreciated by the jury of the stallion test in December and he was one the most appreciated stallion of this approbation.

For more info, photos and videos, click on: webstallions



Rock’n Roll Semilly confirms his place in the Top 10 of the Best Show Jumping ELITE Sires in France!  

The exceptional quality of his offspring placed him since 4 years among the 10 best sires in France due to his show jumping index and eventhough he didn’t cover the best indexed mares.

Rock’n Roll Semilly began breeding in 2009. BSO +25(0,98)

He doesn’t pass on the Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome. He has been tested WFFS negativ.



Air Force One

Rock’n roll Semilly x ponette B
Étalon poney 

Akile Top

Rock’n Roll Semilly x Cincaba Rouge

Amstrong de Moyon

Rock’nRoll Semilly x Calypso de Moyon

Appolon Bleu

Rock’n Roll Semilly x Baloo de Camp

Arioso du Bois

Rock’n Roll Semilly x Qredo de Paulstra

Atika des Hauts Vents

Rock’n Roll Semilly x Scherif d’Elle

Atus d'Omonville

Rock’n Roll Semilly x Socrate de Chivre

Black'n Roll

Rock’n Roll Semilly x Burggraaf

Further information

Among its best products, we will remember: Air Force One IPO 154 (approved AES pony stallion and 3rd best French 5-year-old pony 2015), Amstrong de Moyon ISO 147, Appolon Bleu ISO 146 (1st GP 1.45m CSI2 * Sancourt 2019), Akile Top ISO 148, Arioso du Bois ISO 151 (1st of CSI2 * 1.40m from Waregem 2019), Atika des Hauts Vents ISO 148 (4th of the CSI4 * of Upperville VA, 2019), Atus d’Omonville ISO 147, Black’N Roll ISO 149 …

Article du Hors-Serie de l’elevage de l’Eperon (2019)

Rock’n Roll Semilly began breeding in 2009. BSO +25(0,98)
He doesn’t pass on the Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome. He has been tested WFFS negativ.

Read the article of April 2016 on Rock’n Roll Semilly on the following link : Article Rock’n Roll GP Magazine

Among his first indexed offspring, we noticed :

A’Rock Torcy ISO 121, A’Rocky ISO 121, Aladin de l’Epine ISO 123, Alesia de l’Aumone ISO 122, Alesia du Bocage ISO 128, Alice de l’Yserand ISO 126, Alidee de Lacke ISO 125, Alidée du Gonge ISO 141, Alinea de Gasco ISO 121, Alizee Imperiale ISO 132, Alkapone Lady ISO 130, All Star Océan ISO 122, Alone de Laume ISO 122, Alpachino Lady ISO 126, Alrock du Bois ISO 137, Altesse de Piquet ISO 133, Alto du Roc ISO 136, Ambre des Saules ISO 137, Angie de la Lande ISO 122, Anouchka du Grand Pré ISO 125, Api la Bohème ISO 143, Appel du Soulaire ISO 128, Ar Rock Kerlebert ISO 124, Ardent de l’Airou ISO 125, Ariane du Prieure ISO 120, Aribo d’Avel ISO 132, Aristo de Paq ISO 124, Aristo de Theyssamy ISO 138, Armony de Leurven ISO 125, Arsenic du Fief ISO 123, Artichaut de Lolif ISO 144, Artiste de Roye ISO 130, Arwen du Heynef ISO 123, Asclepia du Theil ISO 135, Ascot Heutière ISO 123, Astonic ISO 126, Astro de la Crue ISO 129, Athena des Chaumes ISO 124, Athena du Val Gris ISO 127, Atlas du Thot ISO 128, Au Dela de Kergoet ISO 141, Australie Pernelle ISO 123, Autamtlara ISO 134, Axterix de Belaire ISO 121, Azur d’Origny ISO 125, Azur de Béthune ISO 124, Azur de Louans ISO 120, Azur du Logis ISO 121, Bacchus d’Ecames ISO 132, Bakchich Chutelière ISO 121, Baladin de la Croix ISO 122, Balinca ISO 127, Banzai de Vima ISO 134, Bellange de Breizh IPO 123, Bibiche de Coat Men ISO 133, Bilbao du Chene Ossa ISO 127, Bolero de la Bride ISO 121, Bolide de Laume ISO 122, Brenda de l’Yserand ISO 124, Broceliande du Lac ISO 144 (8eme GP 150 EquitaLyon 2019), Brune de Nesque ISO 126, Bruyere du Noe ISO 123, Bugaty de l’Abbaye ISO 120, Cali de Claids ISO 146, California Roll ISO 131, Caliska de Premol ISO 122, Calyska des Landes ISO 120, Camarocka de l’O ISO 133, Canelle de Vesquerie ISO 136, Cannelle Lesvaniel ISO 123, Cap de Saire ISO 124, Capella de Nuit ISO 121, Carbinia ISO 144, Cassiopee Rimbourgere ISO 132, Cassis de la Chatre ISO 134, Casting Star ISO 126, Chakira Semilly ISO 134, Charleston de St Eloi ISO 124, Chic de B’Neville ISO 137, Choppine du Bidou ISO 141, Cobra de l’Abbaye ISO 120, Coldplay of Cilla ISO 120, Condor d’Elle ISO 131, Control de Pelice ISO 121, Courtisane Sine ISO 129, Crack des Pres ISO 122, Cyberiane Spiceen ISO 128, Dance de Laurvalle ISO 123, Danseur des Roys ISO 124, Darwin du Tillet ISO 126, Devise d’Elle ISO 129, Diabolo d’Encre ISO 134, Diane de Launay ISO 144 (1ère CSIYH* Fontainebleau 140 (2020)), Diapason Barbotière ISO 127, Diese de Pion Para ISO 141, Diva du Parc ISO 124, Divine des Roques ISO 142 et 12ème du championnat de France des juments de 6 ans SF en 2019, Double One des MC ISO 125, Douchka de Chamant ISO 128, Draupnir de Camali ISO 139, Duchesse de Baulos ISO 124, Damoiselle Froufrou ISO 131, Dulcinee Platière ISO 124, Echezo du Jaolas ISO 124, Eden Rock du Sabley ISO 132, Edwina de Favi ISO 131, Fantaisie de Montigny ISO 129, Fidji de la Butte ISO 123, Filou des Monts ISO 120, Flamenco de Moyon ISO 125, Fracas du Bocage ISO 128, Gavotte de Rance ISO 121 …

The Rock’N Roll offspring is also distinguished in eventing:  Aceituna Negra 1er du CCI3* de Pratoli del Vivaro 2019, ICC 139, Cannabis de la Bride ICC 124, Cupidon du Cardonne ICC 138.

In 2019, Gavotte de Rance finished 2nd of the 3YO SF female French Championships.

More products from Rock’n Roll

Rock’n Roll’s offspring is amazing : very well built, with great jumping abilities and top rideability, full of strength and energy.

Rock’n Roll Semilly doesn’t pass on the Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (WFFS non-carrier). He transmits to his offspring his scope, carefulness, size, reactivity (don’t forget that Rock’n Roll has almost 60% of thoroughbred in his pedigree and his offspring is not far from blood !), excellent temperament, good legs and strong backs which move very well, releasing back legs very high naturally (don’t need hind boots).









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ISO : Showjumping Index
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