(Darco x Avontuur x Major de la Cour)

sBs – chesnut – 1,72m – 1998

SF, sBs, SI, Hann, OS, ZVCH, Holst, CHS, MIPAAF

BSO +21(0.99)

BCC +18(0.64)

Winner in GP CSIO4 *

OCD free

not carrier (n/n)







Crossing of Darco and the exceptional damline of Gutte Sitte who won Bronze medal in Montreal OG in jumping and then had produced several CSI winners. Ogano Sitte is also GP CSI4* winner himself and placed  for the eigth year in a row in the Top 100 best sires of jumpers worldwide.  


HIS SIRE: DARCO: Very big international winner

Great international showjumping winner, he won many World Cup Grand Prix and ended 7th at Barcelone Olympic Games.

Darco is one of the Best stallions in the World !

He has produced among the best :

Sapphire, 6th at the Beijing Olympics and 7th at the Aachen World Equestrian Games and Trudo King Darco, Olympic horse in Atlanta, Belgian Champion and 5th at the European Championships in St. Gallen, but also the stallions: Parco, Winningmood vd Arenberg, Non Stop, Copin van de Broy, Klassique du Gué ISO 147, Vesuvius vh Moeshof ISO 150 … et les performers Barbarossa Van Paemel ISO 167, Codarco CSIO5*, Damascus Van Het Lindehof ISO 153, Eros du Bois Blanc ISO 150, Escape St Ghyvan ISO 150, Insolante ISO 166, Jolly Girl de Kervec ISO 153, L.B. Eagle Eye CSIO5*, Lavande d’Aix ISO 158, Nais de la Pomme ISO 152, Océane du Désert IDR 150, Option d’Auge ISO 151, Oxford d’Esquelmes ISO 169, Patchouli’t Kesterbeekbos ISO 153, Qwintus ISO 151, Val d’Oise de Fauquez ISO 150, Valentino ISO 164, Vital Utopia ISO 155, Widney ISO 150, Wodan ISO 166, Fair Play d’Esquelmes ISO 156 …

HIS 1st DAM : IALTA SITTE: Very good international winner

With 71 rankings and victories, like : 4th of the 2002 Belgium Cup, 1st of Vincenza CSI*** GP in 2003 and 2004, 1st of the 2003 San Patrignano Derby and GP, 1st of Vinonvo Derby in 2004, 5th of 2004 Dinard’s Derby, etc.

She has also produced :

♦ Asterix Sitte stallion sBs
♦ Ayrton Sitte CSI 1,50m
♦ Boston Sitte CSI 1,50m stallion sBs
♦ Egano Sitte stallion sBs
♦ Obelix Sitte CSI 1,40m
♦ Patton Sitte stallion sBs exported to Ireland, 7th in the 5yo Championship in 2004
♦ Ugano Sitte stallion sBs, CSI3*
♦ Nialta Sitte,full sister of Ogano, 1st of the classic cycle of 4 and 5 years old, 3rd of 6 years old, mother of:
Sherman Sitte, stallion, CSI5*
          • Halloween Sitte CSO 1,45m
          • One Two Watch II CSO 1,45m
          • Casta Sitte Z mother of Brussels Sitte CSO 1,45m and stallions Curtis Sitte CSO 1,50m and Vatson Sitte CSI 1,60m.

Coming from this maternal bloodline:  Gramyco Sitte ISO 140, Erix de Maugre ISO 119, Free Party de Maugre ISO 121 etc..

HIS 1nd DAM : INSEL SITTE: Elite Broodmare

She has also produced :

♦ Ksar Sitte, stallion sBs exported to Italy CSO 1,45m
♦ Rinsel Sitte ISO 133
          • 2012 Crinsel Duverie ISO 137
          • 2014 Express d’Ozee, ISO 121
          • 2016 Gaffiot d’Ozee ISO 128
          • 2016 Good Girl Duverie, ISO 121
 Atlanta Sitte
          • Callas Sitte big international winner with Chr. Liebheer in Switzerland
                    • Ugano les Hauts CSO 1,55m
          • Calvary du Seigneur CSI 1,45m
          • Sea Coast Atlantic CSI 1,60m
          • Riviera Sitte CSI 1,50m
                    • Button Sitte CSI 1,60m
                    • Ustina Sitte CSI 1,60m
                              • Baltik Sitte et Dayton Sitte, both classified over 1.45m.
          • Marlon Sitte du Houssoit stallion sBs, winner CSI2*
          • Nacre du Seigneur
                    • Alcazar Sitte ISO 152 CSI 1,60m
          • Cadix du Seigneur
                    • 2006 Aganix du Seigneur CSI 1,60m, stallion
                    • 2006 Arsouille du Seigneur ISO 162
                    • 2010 Eganix du Seigneur ISO 147
          • Une Dame du Seigneur
                    • 2010 Fantasio Floreval Z, ISO 167
♦ Cordano Sitte CSI 1,60m stallion sBs et Z
♦ Quassia Sitte CSI 1,40m
          • Tyson Sitte CSI 1,50m
♦ Marlon Sitte du Houssoit, CSO 1,40m, stallion
♦ Velco Sitte CSO 1,50m
♦ Bardot Sitte ISO 142
          • 2010 Emerald Sitte, ISO 148
Ute Sitte
          • 2007 Bugati Sitte
                    • 2015 Jet Set du Royaume, ISO 122
          • 2013 Hutino d’Hollaye, ISO 136

HIS 3rd DAM : GUTE SITTE : Bronze Medal at Montréal O.G. and sacred Best Horse of the World in 1976

Daughter of the chief of breed Great and great international winner.

Reknowned for his winning mood, Ogano had a very good international showjumping career with Dominique Hendrix.

His main wins include :

  • At 4 YO, Winner of the classic cycle and finalist of the belgium Championships,
  • At 5 YO, 16th of his generation and finalist of the belgium Championships
  • At 6 YO, 23th of his generation 
  • At 7 YO, 2nd of the stallion GP in Mechelen, 10th of the Agriculture Ministry Price in du Liège CSI*** 
  • At 8 YO, 6th of the 1,50m Zangersheide Price reserved for the 8 YO and more stallions, 2nd of a 1,45m class in Moorsele CSI**, 1st of Naples CSI**** GP, 1st of Strazeele CSI** GP 
  • At 9 YO, 6th of the 1,50m GP of Maubeuge CSI, 6th of the General Council 1,50m Price in Vincenza CSI, 6th of a 1,50m class and 4th of another 1.50mclass in Hickstead CSI***** 



Stallion placed in the Top 100
of the Best Sires of showjumpers Worldwide
and ELITE in France

Ogano Sitte is ranked ELITE, which means that he is placed among the 2% best sires of showjumping winners in France. He is also placed for the eighth years in a row in the Top 100 of the best sires of showjumpers worldwide (WBFSH sires rankings – jumping).  

Among his best offsrping in CSI, ther are : Aganix du Seigneur (CSI5* Jos Lansink), Arac du Seigneur (GP 1,60m CSI5* Christian Ahlmann), Button Sitte (CSI Italie), Empire van’t Ruytershof, Gaudi (GP 1,60m CSI5* Markus Henning), H&M Ikker (GP 1,60m CSI5* Olivier Philippaerts), Jade van de Bisschop (GP 1,60m CSI5* Pieter Devos), Jet Set DB CSI GP, Legend (GP 1,60m CSI5* E. Alvarez Aznar), Player du Quesnoy, Tam Tam Hero, Teddy du Bosquettiau (GP 1,60m CSI4* R. de Simone), Tonik Hero (winner in GP 1,55m CSI4*), Top Hero, Upset des Cinq Chenes, Vadrouille du HoussoitViego Les Hauts (GP 1,60m CSI5* V. Gulliksen), etc.

In France, more than 80% of his offspring is indixed above the average in jumping, like : Alaid de Chez Nous ISO151, Apache de Liam ISO154, Player du Quesnoy ISO155, Scarlet la Tour Vidal ISO151, Sisley de la Tour Vidal ISO155, Vegas de Ste Hermelle ISO154, Vista du Chalet ISO156, etc.



Aganix du Seigneur

Ogano Sitte x Chellano Z

Arac du Seigneur

Ogano Sitte x Rubens du RI d’Asse

Gaudi alias Sire de la Tour Vidal

Ogano Sitte x Calvaro Z


Ogano Sitte x Nabab de Reve

O'Hara ELS

Ogano Sitte x Liandero

Player du Quesnoy

Ogano Sitte x Nabab de Reve

Sisley de la Tour Vidal

Ogano Sitte x Calvaro

Tonik Hero

Ogano Sitte x Elegant de l’Ile

Vegas de Ste Hermelle

Ogano x Atilas d’Autan

Viego les Hauts

Ogano Sitte x Clinton

Further information

Ogano is placed in 2015 in the World Hippomundo Rankings on the earnings of his offspring in CSI and selected on the age of his oldest offspring:
6th in 2015 – oldest offspring 18 YO

Ogano Sitte is already the sire of several approved stallions, like : Gaudi CSIO5*  CSIO5* with Marcus Enhing, Sisley de la Tour Vidal (sBs et SF), Tam Tam Hero (sBs), Uganito du Seigneur (sBs, winner of the classic cycle 4 years and 5 years in Belgium after brilliantly winning the free jumping final of the 2 years old in Mechelen in 2006), Vargas de St Hermelle ( sBs, Belgian 3-year-old champion and King’s Medal, ex-aequo French Champion for 4-year-olds 2009), Vertigo St Benoit, Baltik Sitte, Button Sitte, White Hero, Val’to by Wisbecq, Vulcain du Saint-Homme, Tsar Hero et Dayton Sitte…etc.

He is the best sire of international winners of the sBs 6 and 7 year old studbook in 2009. Among his young offspring, Ballerine du Seigneur, 4-year-old champion in Belgium; Iliano van d’Abelendreef is Champion of 6 years in Belgium in 2014 ; Djingle de Cense d’Heure, Champion of 2 years old and in 2012; Douchka du Chemin Vert, Supreme 3-year-old champion in Belgium; S.M.Osca, 3-year-old champion in Switzerland ; Deucalion du Magny est Vice-champion of France for older male foals in 2013; Cattleya Plassay is 6th in the French Championship for 2-year-old females and Bogana Garette, Vice-champion of the 3 years old in 2014, etc.

Among his other offspring indexed in showjumping in France, there are : Aladin du GastISO146, Arcy Fou ISO144, Arizona Star ISO 149, Ardan de Maucourt ISO 135, Arkana Messipierre ISO 144, Artemisse ISO 133,  Astuce du Cellier LA ISO150, Bakatina de Beaufour ISO 144 (1ere CSI3* 145 Gorla Minora 2021), Bakounine Berence ISO 136, Balthazar de Baudignies ISO141, Bambie de Lisi ISO 137, Belle d’Amour ISO 150, Best of Adriers ISO 137, Bolingee Cece ISO 142, Bonnie de Beaufour ISO 134, Boom Boom Semilly ISO 136, Borneo de l’Abbaye ISO 133, Bornéo des Collines ISO 138, Brogoenn Saint Paer ISO 131, Byzance de Vains ISO 141, Byzantine a Vigneul ISO 149, Cacharel du Failly ISO 137, Canito du Mo ISO 147, Cassandre de Brekka ISO 135, Cattleya Plassey ISO 146, Ceres van het Moeshof ISO 148, Cesar de Courcel ISO 141, Chamade Gesmeray ISO 130, Chronos de Lessac ISO 136, Colombia de Beaufour ISO 143,  Commando d’Osthuy ISO 144, D’ogano de Roulard ISO 135, Dive de la Tour Vidal ISO 147, Djack pot du Vimage ISO 130, Dysney du Soutrait ISO 147, Eau d’Yssee du banier ICC139 ; Eganix du Seigneur ISO 147, Ella de Chez Nous ISO 142, Eros des Flagues ISO 142, Feedback des Forets ISO 137, Felton des Cinq Chenes ISO 136, Foganno de Verduizant ISO 133, Fringant d’Ange ISO 142, Graffiti de la Violle ISO 134, Jaqui ISO147, Jarpur ISO145, Jiosko Sitte ISO  138,  Jussica T ISO150, Opera de Rizzi Z Championne du Monde des 5 ans à Lanaken en 2007 ISO130, Pitaro de Virton ISO141, Qogano de Gys ISO140, Quarsit Dubouscaillou ISO138, Quest du Chêne ISO150, Quomanche de la Baie ISO140, Sisi d’Hyrencourt ISO138, Sonate de Vy ISO138, Sottise de la Gazonnerie ISO137, Superjean ICC138, Thais de Charon ISO142, Thelia de Wilsen ISO145, Thelma la Tour Vidal ISO 150, Valse de Blagny ISO149, Vertige du Vigneul ISO 144, Vitaline des Cayas ISO136, etc.

Abroad, among his other offspring placed in CSI, there are : Baltik Sitte (CSI Dirk Demeersman), Banco d´Hyrencourt, Calikot Hero, Jugano van de Vosberg, Obelix, Ophelia (CSI Steve Guerdat), Platini du Houssoit, Saphire de l´Herse, Speedy des Mansarts, Tresor de Fremis, Tyrano les Hauts, Uganito du Seigneur, Ugano les Hauts, Urco d´Hoyo, Velin du Houssoit, Victoria du Seigneur, etc.

He started breeding in 2001.

More offspring from Ogano

He fits perfectly to elegant mares not too tall and passes on to his offspring reactivity, scope, strength, a good canter and an innate instinct over the poles with a quick movement of the front legs.

His offspring is easy to handle and ride, so they are commercial.







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Ogano Sitte has got an excellent fertility rate.

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