(Diamant de Semilly x Heartbreaker)

SF – Dark chestnut – 1,65m – 2015



BSO +26 (0,60)
%PS XX = 52 %

ISO 139
6th of the SF 7 YO jumpers Championships – Fontainebleau 2022

not tested








❝  Heartbreaker has gifted Fifty Fifty Semilly with his carefulness and reactivity. Fifty Fifty has also inherited strength, great willingness and bascule from his sire, Diamant. His jumping qualities also come from his exceptional dam line which includes several 1,60m winners, like his dam Mic Mac du Dieu Démon, his brother Rexar du Houssoit, his sister Panama du Seigneur… Fifty Fifty is a modern sport horse, athletic, very careful and quick, full of good energy and which has a perfect jumping technique. He was placed among the best 7 YO in the last French Championships. He fits perfectly well with what we are looking for showjumping  nowadays 


HIS SIRE DIAMANT DE SEMILLY : Recognized Best Selle Français Stallion, exceptional performer and classified Elite stallion

He is a son of Le Tot de Semilly, one of the best sires in the world and famous international jumping winner, and a dam by Amarpour xx.

Great showjumping winner at CSIO and CSIW level, he was crowned: World Champion with the French team and 9th in the individual ranking (WEG Jerez 2002), France Champion 2002, Team silver medal at the 2003 European Championships, Winner of the 1999 French 1st Category jumping criterium.
ISO 184.

Diamant de Semilly is placed BEST SELLE FRANCAIS STALLION, ranked ELITE with a 100% “bet value” (ANSF ranking) BSO +25 (1,00) and BEST STALLION WORLDWIDE (WBFSH showjumping stallions rankings 2015 and 2016).

He differs very significantly from all other stallions by the average value of the indices of his offspring which, with impressive regularity, has been clearly superior for many years. BSO + 26 (1.00).

Asathir (ex. Tecla d’Auge ISO 174) CSIO5* ; Away Semilly ISO 161, Blood Diamond du Pont ISO 170, Bond Jamesbond de Hay ISO 164 Deauville S CSIO5* ; Don VHP Z CSIO5* ; Dylon CSI5* ; Emerald, vainqueur des Sires of the World 7 ans 2011, vice-Champion du Monde des 6 ans Lanaken 2010, CSIO5* ; Emilie de Diamant CSIO5* ; Erenice Horta, Championne de Belgique des 7 ans 2011, CSIO5* ; Extra Van Essene CSIO5* ; Guv´nor CSIO5* ; Heliodor Hybris CSIO5* ; Ilex VP CSIO5* ISO 169 ; Inca Boy van’t Vianahof CSIO5* ; Jésus de la Commune ISO 171 ; Joyau d’Opal ISO 181 ; Kalaska de Semilly IE SO ISO 169, JO Pékin 2008, JEM 2010, Médaille d’Argent Jeux Asiatiques 2010 ; Street Of Diamonds (ex-Kho de Presle) ISO 178 ; Niack de l’Abbaye ISO 175, JEM Lexington, JO Londres ; Obiwan de Piliere ISO 170 ; Pacific des Essarts ISO 177, CSIO5*; Picolo ISO 171 ; Piman de la Deviniere ISO 173 ; Polinska des Isles ISO 178, CSIO5* ; Prunella d’Ariel ISO 172, JEM Normandie ; Quickly de Kreisker ISO 183, JEM Normandie ; Rock’N Roll Semilly ISO 174, CSIO5* ; Safari d’Auge CSI5*, ISO 167 ; Salamera de la Nutria CSIO5* ; Sunshine CSIO5* ; Toledo de Kerser ICC 170, médaille d’Or par équipe en complet aux JEM de Tryon ; Tower Mouche ISO 170 ; Un Diamant des Forets ISO 166, Utamaro d’Ecaussines CSIO5*, JEM Normandie ; Vannan ISO 166, Valentino Tuilière ISO 168, Vega de la Roche ISO 165, Venizia d’Aiguilly ISO 171, Verdi Treize ISO 167, Verdict de Kezeg ISO 164, Viamant du Matz ICC 161, Villamoura ISO 167, Vinci de Beaufour ISO 167, Vital Chance ISO 178, Antidote de Mars ISO 176 (CSIO5*), Arioto ISO 166, …


HIS 1ST DAM, MIC MAC DU DIEU DEMON: Daughter of the famous Heartbreaker and big winner in CSI 1.60m (ISO 156)

Mic Mac du Dieu Demon has already produced several excellent showjumpers, such as:

♦ 1999 Panama du Seigneur, CSI 1,60m
2002 Chanama du Seigneur
2007 Ballerine du Seigneur, ISO 131
2009 Darling du Seigneur, ISO 134

          • 2002 Chagall du Seigneur Z, CSI 1,40m
2002 Soudan du Seigneur, ISO 142, CSI 1,50m
2003 Tic Tac du Seigneur, CSI5* 1,60m, stallion
2004 Ultima du Seigneur
2009 Utine MGN Z, ISO 144
2010 Anakine de Gani, ISO 127
2014 Eiken de Gani, ISO 124
2005 Vivaldi du Seigneur, ISO 150, stallion
2006 Amour du Seigneur, CSI4*
2006 Anamo du Seigneur, ISO 121
2007 Boyfriend du Seigneur, CSI4*, stallion
2001 Rexar du Houssoit, CSI 1,60m, stallion sBs
♦ 2001 Rush On du Houssoit, CSI 1,50m
          • 2015 Firenze de la Cense ISO 120
2011 Brenda of Mic, ISO 135
2011 Burdey of Mic, ISO 136
2013 Chic of Mic, ISO 120
2015 Fifty Fifty Semilly, ISO 139

HIS 2ND DAM, JOLIE : produced Mic Mac du Dieu Demon CSI 1,60m

♦ 1996 Mic Mac du Dieu Demon, CSI 1,60m


HIS 3RD DAM, SISSI : mother bloodline of Saphir, Feloetsghe vd Rhamdiahoev, II Rubacuori... ranked in CSI 1,60m

She is the mother of :

♦ 1988 Lune
          • 1994 Raffine
                     • Vinesse, CSI 1,50m, étalon
          • 1995 Superbe
                    • 2008 Italo van’t Dauwhof, CSI 1,45m
          • 1996 Tresor
                    • 2000 Trump (ex. Ahorn II vd Groene Haag), CSI 1,50m
                    • 2011 Liago, CSI 1,45m
          • 1997 Univers
                    • 2006 II Rubacuori, CSI 1,60m
                    • 2012 Gugano del Biero, CSI 1,40m

♦ 1989 Mystique
          • 1995 Saphir
, CSI 1,60m
          • 1997 Unique
                    • 2004 VDL Groep Zagreb (ex Querly Elvis), CSI 1,55m, stallion
                    • 2005 Feloetsghe vd Rhamdiahoeve, CSI 1,60m
                    • 2006 Ginkepi van de Rhamdia Hoeve, CSI 1,45m

“Mister clear round” alias Fifty Fifty Semilly realise a really good 2023’season punctuated by many rankings and clear rounds :

  • 5th of the Garde Républicaine show.
  • ranked in the Normandy Show opening at 140.
  • clear-round in the 140 of Deauville.
  • ranked in the 140 of Canteleu
  • clear-round in Canteleu Grand Prix at 135.
  • clear-round in the Grand National of Montfort sur Meu at 135.
  • clear-round in the Deauville CSO.
  • clear-round in Rennes at 135.
  • double clear-round in St.Lô Grand Prix at 135.
  • clear-round in the AEC show at St.Lô. 

In 2022, Fifty Fifty has achieved an excellent 7 YO show jumping season. He was notably placed 5th of the 1,40m Grand Prix in Compiegne, 9th of the 1,40m 7 YO Grand Prix of the Normandy Horse Show, 9th of a 1,40m class reserved for 7 YO horses in Dinard CSI, 11th of the 1,35m 7 YO Grand Prix in Canteleu and ended 6th of the 7 YO French Championships in Fontainebleau.

Others performances

In 2021, he has been selected easily for the French 6 YO Championships.

In 2020, he made 14 clear rounds above 17 in the 5 YO jumping classes, with a double with a double clear-round in the Championships of Normandy.




He starts breeding in 2023

Fifty Fifty Semilly starts breeding in 2023

Fifty Fifty Semilly is a SF stallion, qualified “VERY PROMISING” who belongs to the Young Male Genetic SF program of the Selle Français studbook”.

Trust the horsemanship of Levallois family for having selected the most promising young sires. There isn’t so much risk to use this up-and-coming genetic.

Fifty Fifty Semilly is a modern sport horse, athletic, very careful and quick, full of good energy and wich has a perfect jumping technique. He was placed among the best 7YO in the 2022 French Championships. 
Fifty Fifty Semilly fits perfectly well with what we  are looking for showjumping nowadays. He can be crossed with taller mares than the ones which will fit with his full brother Groovy Semilly.







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