(Kannan x Cumano x Cento)

SF – grey – 1,68m – 2014


BSO +21 (0.78)
XX = 50,09 %

ISO 141
1,40 Grand Prix Winner

5 YO Stallion Champion of France (2019)








  Champion of France at 3, 4 and 5 YO, this up-and coming stallion maximizes the qualities of his great European bloodlines. Due to his ease, reliability on the course, strength and innate carefulness over the fences, Ekano won his titles brilliantly. Handsome stallion energetic, supple and very easy, he has a very good canter with great balance, powerful hindquarters and excellent jumping abilities.  At 6 YO, he cracked his hooves and hasn’t been able to compete for 2 years. He came back to competition without shoe in 2023, showing again his exceptional qualities, placed and winner in several GP. His first offspring already won some 2 and 3 YO championships which augurs a great future to this young stallion.  


HIS SIRE : KANNAN : Son of the famous stallion Voltaire

Son of the famous stallion Voltaire, international jumping winner who produced more than 200 Internationals performers among his offsrping.

Kannan was himself an International showjumping winner with Michel Hecart : Champion of France in 2005, Nations Cups winner, 2nd of the Grand Prix CSI3* La Courneuve, Vejer de la Frontera, Deauville and of Gijon CSIO5* Grand Prix, 3rd GP CSIO Moscou and Gijon, etc. ISO 178

Best Sire in the World in 2014 (WBFSH rankings) and regularly placed among the best sires, Kannan has produced more than 500 winners, including : Quabri de l’Isle, winner of the CSI5* GP Rolex at Versailles ; Molly Malone V, GP CSIO5* ; Sherkan d’Amaury, winner of the CSI5* GP at Windsor ; Nino des Buissonnets ISO 186, winner of the CSI5* in Genève; Oh d’Eole ISO 176, winner of the CSI5* in Zurich; Paille de la Roque ISO 178, winner of the CSI5* in Göteborg; etc..

His outsanding offspring includes : Broadway de Mormoulin ISO 164, Cekanane de Ushara ISO 163, Dao de l’Ocean ICC 163, Diego del Caribe ISO 162, Dorai d’aiguilly ISO 170, Double Jeu d’Honvault ISO 165, Drako de Maugre alias Drako ISO 167, Enjoy d’Eole ISO 160, Prevert Van Sint Maarten ISO 164, Nikel de Presle ISO 168, O’Brion du Plessis ISO 164, Oliday d’Ira ISO 165, Ominerale Courcelle ISO 167, Padock du Plessis ISO 178, Plume de la Roque ISO 166, Prof de la Roque ISO 165, Quanan Rouge ISO 162, Quenzo de la Roque ISO 170Quessada de la Roque IPO 185, Quorida de Treho ISO 177, Quorioso Pré Noir ISO 167, Quracao de la Roque ISO 170, Rosana du Park ISO 169, Sherkan d’Amaury ISO 168, Simba de la Roque ISO 166, Sultan du Chateau ISO 168, Sunshine du Phare ISO 164, Symphonie des Biches ISO 164, Tokyo de Saint Fray ISO 171, Toupie de la Roque ISO 162, Tradition de la Roque ISO 163, Uppsala del Cabalero ISO 165, Uriel d’Amaury ISO 162, Uthope de la Roque ISO 161, Vintadge de la Roque ISO 170, D’Zeus des Chesnaies IPO 162 etc…

HIS 1ST DAM : KUMANA DKS : one of the rare fillies of the World Champion Cumano

Filly of the World Champion Cumano, which is renown to be an excellent sire and dam sire. Her grandfather Dobel’s Cento was a great international winner, he won the final of the World Cup at Leipzig, won the team Gold Medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, and also won the team Gold Medal at the 2003 European Championships, etc.
Those two stallions are regularly placed among the best jumping sires worldwide.

Kumana DKS has been exclusively used as a broodmare and Ekano is her first foal. She has also produced Forget Me Not DKS, ISO 119, Hanley DKS ISO 142 stallion, Istok DKS ISO 121.

HIS 2ND MARE : CENTINA : filly of Dobel's Cento

She has also produced:

♦ 2011 Lilly Express DKS, ISO 144
♦ 2012 Mira DKS, ISO 122
♦ 2013 Nina Simone DKS, ISO 132
♦ 2014 Ombre de Quidam DKS, ISO 135

ISO 141

In 2023, Ekano has done an excellent showjumping season. Among his best rankings : 

·       Winner of the 1,40m Grand Prix in Saint Lô

·       3rd of the 1,40m Grand Prix in Betton 

·       4th of the 1,40m Grand Prix in Montfort sur Meu.

·       6th, 10th and 15th of 1,40m Grand Prix in Auvers

·       6th, 9th et 12th in 1,40m classes in Saint-Lô CSI2*

·       3rd of the 1,35m Grand Prix in Lamballe


At 6 YO, he cracked his hooves and hasn’t been able to compete for 2 years. He came back to competition without shoe in 2023, showing again his exceptional qualities.
5YO Stallion Champion of France in 2019Ekano DKS*Semilly has made great impression in Fontainebleau and has been qualified « ELITE » after a brillant sportive season with 21 clear rounds above 22 !

    Ekano made a deep impression all along the 4 YO season 2018 due to his ease and reliability and he finishes Champion of Normandy of the 4 YO males 2018 and Champion of France of the 4 YO of the indoor finals in EquitaLyon ! He has been qualified by the SF judges « UP AND COMING STAR« .

    Others performances

    Ekano has been approved stallion during the SF 3 YO stallions Championships 2017 ranked 9th. Then, Ekano revealed all his undeniable intrinsic qualities during the 3YO SF stallions test. He stood out with the average of 16,7, placed « UP AND COMING STAR« .

    The judges have stated how much they appreciate his energy, suppleness, very good canter with a great balance and strong propulsion, his excellent jumping abilities, his blood and his innate carefulness over the fences.




    He started breeding in 2018.

    His first offspring is very placed in shows, like :

      • the 4 YO : Jazz Dance Pionpara ISO 121, Jupiter de Terrette ISO 117, Jappeloup du Moulin ISO 115, Jalisca de l’Abbaye ISO 112, Jolie Girl DKS ISO 110, etc.
      • the 3 YO : Jordania Semilly 1st, Jalissa de l’Abbaye 4th, Jive Dance Semilly 4th, Jaïpur Semilly 5th in the Championships of Normandy 2022. In 2023, Kario Jiela was vice-champion of France in Equita’Lyon and Ka’laska Beauregard and Khaleesi de Romali were finalists in the 3 YO SF females French Championships
      • the 2 YO : Janita du Dalot 1st of the females Regional Championships in Le Pin 2021, Laristo du Château 9th in Villers-Vicomte and Legende des EDB 23rd of the 2 YO SF females French Championships 2023 
      • in the foals French Championships : Moonlight du Bihalais 10th of the old fillies 2022, Night Middle Bihalais 5th of the old colts 2023 

    Jordania Semilly

    Ekano DKS X Ivory Star

    Jive Dance Semilly

    (Ekano x Apache d’Adriers)

    Jamaïca Semilly

    Jumanji du Herti

    Ekano DKS X Double d’Elle

    Ka'laska Beauregard

    Ekanos x Happy Villers

    Mekano de Cetin

    Ekano DKS X Germino d’Elle

    Kario Jiela

    Ekano DKS X GLe Tot

    Kario Jiela

    Ekano DKS X GLe Tot

    Mekano de Cetin

    Ekano DKS X Germino d’Elle
    Further information

    Several of his products stand out during the French Foal Championship, such as:

    • Mekano de Cetin (Ekano X Germino d’Elle) 3rd of the young foals local and of the young males foals Regional in Le Pin (2022).
    • Muguet du Manoir (Ekano X Nonstop) 5th of the old males in Periers and 6th old males Regional in Saint-Lô (2022). 
    • Kleo de l’Isle (Ekano X Black Sam Bellamy) 3rd of the 2YO fillies in Notre-Dame-d’Estrées (2022). 
    • Jamaica du Marais (Ekano X Laeken) 4th of the 3YO in Auvers (2022). 
    • Kamelia du Manoir (Ekano x NonStop) 16th of 2020 the old females
    • Kaid Charboniere (Ekano x Diamant de Semilly) 11th of the 2020 old males
    • Krak Force (Ekano x Tilippe Le Bel aa) 18th of the 2020 old males
    • Kaïser du Barsac (Ekano x Adiamood de l’Abbaye) 29th of the 2020 old males
    • Lux de Vesquerie (Ekano x Narcos II) 18th of the 2021 young males
    More offspring of Ekano DKS Semilly

    Ekano passes on to his offspring: strength, good gaits, great balance and very good jumping abilities.

    Ekano is himself a handsome stallion, energetic and supple. He has a very good canter with a great balance. Ekano is acknowledged as an up-an-coming showjumper for his excellent jumping abilities, his blood and his innate carefulness over the fences.

    Ekano doesn’t pass on the Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (WFFS non-carrier).








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