(Quick Star x Le Tôt de Semilly x Jalisco B)

SFO – bay – 1,65m – 2014

BSO+19 (0.58) 
XX: 50,5%

ISO 131
5th in the French 5-year-old Championship (2019)


not tested








❝  Crossing of the best Original Selle Francais blood reminding the one of the vice-World Champion Orient Express. At 7YO, EL STAR SEMILLY has been placed in 1,40m GP with a young rider, demonstrating great abilities in competition, especially strong hind quarters, outstanding willingness and carefulness. El Star has many assets: a gold mental and a kindness inherited from his grandfather Le Tot de Semilly reactivity and suppleness of his father Quick Star power of Jalisco B and blood of his dam line.  


El Star Semilly has a rich pedigree of  50,10% thoroughbred (cf. webpedigree)

HIS SIRE : QUICK STAR : Son of Head of Breed Galoubet A, one of the best stallions in the world, qualified ELITE Stallion

He is the son of Galoubet A (by Alme) ISO 181, which has produced many stallions and winners in CSI and CSIO. Great Performer with many rankings: between 1992 and 1994 he was: 1st of the Maastricht GP CSI , 1st of the Mannheim UPS Championship, 1st of the Aix-la-Chapelle International Pulsar GP, 1st of the Munich CSI of etc … He won more than 500 000 € of gains during his career!

BSO + 25 (0.99). « ELITE » stallion with a bet value of 99.99% !!

His outstanding offspring includes: Lady de Semilly ISO 163, Love Affair ISO 179, Lutin de Semilly = Quick Study ISO 186, Mel d’Argences ISO 167, Mils d’Hurl’vent IPO 169, Nokkia de Brekka ISO 176, Notrestar dela Nutria ISO 171, Omega Star Ar ISO 163, le vice-champion du monde Orient Express ISO 176, Osiris d’Ouilly ISO 162, Pop Lady d’Elle ISO 165, Popstar Lozonais ISO 161, Qantar des Etisses ISO 162, Quatrin de la Roque ISO 173, Red Star d’Argent ISO 168, Secret du Pays d’Auge ISO 161, TeaStar d’Oyale ISO 166, Tricky Choice du Pena IPO 169, Vagalam Merveilles IPO 169

HIS 1st DAM : SANTANA SEMILLY: full sister of the stallion Elkintot (JEM Jerez 2002) and of Giotto II (stallion HN, ISO 161)

Sa mère

Santana, is the daugther of the famous Tot de Semilly, Breed Chef himself, 22th World Best Stallion in 2008 (according to WBFSH CSO rankings), placed ELITE by the SF studbook and excellent winners’sfather, including : Diamant de Semilly and Itot du Chateau !! More than 1000 of his products are placed in showjumping and 70 are approuved stallions !

Santana his the full sister of the international stallions performers Elkintot (WEG Jerez 2002) and Giotto (HN stallion, ISO 161)and the half-sister of the international winner Iscariote.

Santana was placed 1st of the 3YO Regional Automn head-on more than 100 competitors. She participated the 4 YO classical cycles and was qualified for the final in Fontainebleau where she finished 4 YO France Vice-Champion, « Elite ». ISO 122

HIS 2nd DAM : SHANNON: dam of the famous stallions Elkintot and Giotto II

This filly of Jalisco B has also produced :

♦ 1992 Elkintot, étalon privé, IE SO, exported toured in CSI and made the World Equestrian Games Jerez (2002)
1994 Giotto II, ISO 161, HN stallion
1996 Iscariote, IE SO, ISO 135 before being exported and running in CSI
1999 Laristote
          • 2009 Vicientot, ISO 122
          • 2010 Aristot, ISO 136
2001 Nepomuk, ISO 131
2003 Physalie, ISO 121

HIS 3rd DAM : ORANGEBOUM: by the pur-sang Canapville

She has also produced: 

♦ 1987 Vanieska
          • 1988 Olga d’Aure, ISO 130
          • 2003 Pirouette d’Aure
          •           2014 Elliott d’Aure, ISO 123
♦ 1990 Clémentine du Cour
          • 1996 Indi de Boulaire, ISO 210

In 2022, El Star starts 1,45m classes with the young Rider Dylan Levallois. During the CSIU25 at Fontainebleau they shined all the week-end by ranking 3rd & 8th in 1,40m classes and 3rd of the GP145! In Deauville’s CSIU25 they ranked two times 4th in 1m40 classes.

In 2021, EL STAR SEMILLY is placed 10th of his 1st 1,40m 7 YO Grand Prix in Notre Dame d’Estrées with the young rider Dylan Levallois who also done his 1st 1,40m class today.

In 2020, El Star Semilly is reguliarly placed in the 6 YO classes : 3rd and 4th in Auvers, 5th in La Haye Pesnel.ème à La Haye Pesnel. ISO 131

5th best 5YO jumper of France, with ELITE title

Other performances

In 2019, with almost all clear rounds in parallel of the breeding season, El Star Semilly has been qualified easily for the Championships of France of the 5 YO jumpers. With 3 clear rounds in Fontainebleau, he is placed 5th best 5YO jumper of France, with ELITE title.

In 2018, with 14 clear rounds above 14 at 4 YO, El Star Semilly is showing disconcerting ease and extraordinary carefulness. He is placed 11th in the 4YO Male Championships of France, qualified « Excellent« . With a double clear round at the French finals in EquitaLyon, El Star is crowned Vice-Champion of France of the 4 YO CIR.



He starts breeding in 2019.

Trust the experience of the Levallois family to have chosen you promising young stallions. There is therefore no great risk to take using this young genetics.


Kel Star de St Aubert

El Star x R’n Roll Semilly

Kelstar du Barsac

El Star Semilly x Soleil du Fosse

Wedding of the SF Originals Best Blood with a pedigree reminiscent the one of the Vice World Champion Orient Express, El Star Semilly has many assets: responsiveness and flexibility inherited from his father Quick star, a golden mental, the kindness and respect from his grandfather Le Tot de Semilly, the power of Jalisco B, and the blodd of his maternal stock (Shannon is 67% thoroughbred).

He should passes on his good canter and power in the hocks and back.







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