(Action Breaker x Baloubet du Rouet)

SF – Bay piebald – 1,65m – 2020


Homozygote DW20
XX=50.45 %
BSO +20 (0.36)

not carrier (n/n)

CIRALE *****







Heartbreaker, Baloubet du Rouet, Carthago – a fantastic colourful Cocktail! An original pedigree which combines the best European bloodlines – without Diamant’s ones, which allows to cross him with broodmares by Diamant or Le Tot. An outstanding look. A modern sport type, well-articulated with a good back, a long neck, shoulders well laid back… A top jumping technique combining suppleness, energy, quickness in the front legs, a top rise, powerful hindquarters and a very good back movement. Kilimandjaro has something for everyone and reassuring the breeders with a view to produce modern sport horses. This homozygote DW20 sire adds the touch of originality that perfectly complements this Semilly’s stallions catalogue. 


Kilimandjaro has a rich pedigree of 50,45% thoroughbred (cf. webpedigree)

HIS SIRE ACTION BREAKER : Great winner in CSIO ranked among the best stallions in the world

nSon of the race leader Heartbreaker, Action Breaker, big winner in CSI and CSIO under Sergio Alvarez, 5th in individual and  silver medal by team at the Mediterranean Games in 2009, JEM in Lexington, 3rd of the GP CSIO5* in Aix-la-Chapelle, 6th  of the GP CSI5*-W in Geneva, CSI5* in Monte-Carlo and La Coruña, 7th of the GP CSI5*-W from Stuttgart… Best horse of  the BWP 2003 stallion expertise, 69th best father of CSI winners in the WBFSH ranking in 2015, he is father of good  winners  such as :

    • Acoufina PS, 5th in the 1.60m GP at the CSI4* in Opglabbeek with Mr. Fernandez Saro in 2022
    • Averex PS, GP CSI 1.50m with A. Marquez Galobardes
    • Crazy Spring, ranked in GP CSI 1.60m with J. Madigan
    • Dobra de Porceyo, CSI 1.60m with Shuyler Riley
    • Explosiev, classified in GP CSI 1,60m with J. Bosteels
    • Fifty Fifty 111, ranked in GP CSI 1.60m with A. Rodriguez
    • Fixdesign Funke van’t Heike, 5th in the 1.60m GP at the CSIO5* in Rome with G. Martinengo Marquet in 2021
    • Hangover, 5th in the 1.55m GP at CSI3* in New York with D. Ryan in 2022
    • H.Big Action, 2nd in the 1.60m GP at CSI5* in Monterrey, 5th at CSI3* in Wellington with E. Pereira de Menezes in 2022
    • Idol H&H, CSI rated 1.55m with A. Welles
    • Just Do It R, CSIO4*, classified in GP CSI 1.60m with P-A. Mortar, ISO 168 (18)
    • NLF Favorite, GP CSI 1.60m with P. O’Shea
    • Quinu de Pravia, ranked in GP CSI 1.60m with M.Allen

There are also Heathrow, AGR Trouble Maker, Elixir St, S L Elite, Bebeto, Actaire PS, Incredible W, Axel 111 Z, Firestone AB, Acapulco Z, Alexis C…  winners in CSI 1,45m to 1,50m.

Among his best offspring indexed in France, there are:

  • Aloubet PS ISO 143
  • Canabis de la Folie ISO 151
  • Dame de Coeur Gaia ISO 144
  • Danemark ISO 142
  • Delverdie du Temple ISO 156
  • Deep Sea Semilly ISO 145
  • Djeddah Semilly ISO 140
  • Harrie’s Horse 111 ISO 144
  • H Toscane de l’Enclos ISO 142
  • Jackpot EB ISO 157

He is also the father of many approved stallions such as : Action Man ASK Z, 2nd in 1,50m  CSI3* Oliva with S. Moller Rohde in 2022 ; Add Picobello Z, ranked in CSI 1,40m with C. Berron ; Gentleman ST, winner of the 2014 test of 2yo Oldenburg stallions and Jack Daniels EB, Action Star di Jannarella, Ice Breaker E.B., Actender PS


HIS DAM Une Bel Marocaine : Filly of Baloubet du Rouet which comes from the excellent 162 Holsteiner dam line

 His first products have exceptional jumping qualities  : 

Deep Sea Semilly ranked EXCELLENT at 6 YO, ISO 145, then exported in Switzerland, winner in CSI3*
Diabolo Semilly  finalist at 6 YO, ISO 125 
Don’t Stop Semilly finalist at 6 YO, then CSIOJ and winner in CSI 1,40m, ISO 153 until his exportation to USA
Isfandiyar Semilly ISO 127, placed VERY GOOD in the French 5 YO Championships 2023.

HIS 2nd DAM COCO CHANEL : by Colman (son of Carthago Z), herself ranked in CSI

She is the own sister of Colmar IV (1.50m) and half sister of Companiero’s Son (1.60m), R-Cara Mia (mother of Grace Ask (1.50m) and Cataleya 15 (1.45m)) and Stella VII, mother of Casitello (1.40m), Cassin Stell Colman (1.40m), New Quidams Hope (1.40m).

Une Bel Marocaine is her only offspring. 


HIS 3rd DAM MALINA : has produced several performers in CSI up to 1,60m

Malina produced :

• R-Cara Mia, mother of                 • Athéa, mother of                              •  Cateleya 15, ranked in CSI2*-W under slovenian saddle                              • Chalesta, ranked in CSO 1,40m under swedish saddle                               • Grace Ask, ranked in CSO 1,50m under danish saddle

• Stella VII, mother of :               • New Quidam’s Hope, CSI 1,40m under german saddle                • Casitello, CSI 1,40m under german saddle                • Cardano VTH, approuved stallion Z, CSI 1,40m

• Colmar IV, CSI 1,50m under american saddle• Companiero’s Son, CSI 1,60m with S. Neill

Kilimanjaro is derived from the maternal Holsteiner strain #162 which is probably one of the most prestigious in Holstein and among the best in the world at its peak. It is particularly prolific in stallions and several exceptional performers have emerged, including 4 Olympic horses in CSO and 2 in CCE.
Kilimanjaro’s branch is that of the Nelke mare, who earned Olympic medals (Madrigal in 1976 in Montreal and Foliant in 1984 in Los Angeles, for example) from silver medalists at the CEC World Championships (1972). Kilimanjaro’s direct ancestry goes back to the stallion Cascavelle, brother of his 4th mother. Cascavelle is notably Carinjo’s father and Convall’s mother’s father. From this maternal strain Holsteiner also descend Corea Fight (1.60m), Coeur de Lion (1.45m), the AES stallion Baron van’t Heemskind (winner of the 2019 El Jadida World Cup Grand Prix 1.60m with Roberto Turchetto), the stallion Han Cascais (1.40m), etc.
Cascavelle is also a nephew of Kerrin, Carthago’s grandmother (twice at the Olympics) and Lord Calando. Their sister Covergirl is behind Lord Aganix, Quickthago VDL. Nelke’s branch also gave the stallions Cancara and Canturo, or the performers of Christian Ahlmann Cöster (bronze medal at the 2004 Athens Olympics) and Charleston.
Further away, the other branch of the Stamm 162 is that of the Betty strain. In his direct and indirect offspring are Waterford Crystal (JO Athens with Cian O’Connor) and the stallion Hannovrien Feinschnitt (10th individual at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles and father of several CSI performers 1.60m).


In 2022, Kilimandjaro Semilly has been licenced SF Stallion at the 2 YO French SF stallions Championships.




He starts breeding in 2023

For his first breeding year in 2023, Kilimandjaro Semilly has covered more than 220 mares.

Important information for the breeders who want to add color to their offspring : Kilimandjaro is homozygote DW20 wink

He is a SF approved sire, which has been selected in  the « Young Male Genetic SF program«  of the Selle Français studbook.

Trust the horsemanship of Levallois family for having selected the most promising young sires. There isn’t so much risk to use this up-and-coming genetic.


Kilimandjaro x Cornet Obolensky x Diamant de Semilly

One d'Ojulight

Kilimandjaro x Moonlight du Feuillard

Kilimanjaro has a light type. When he will finished his growth, he should be mid sized, not too heavy and too light. He has a good strong back with a very good back movement over the jumps. His shoulders are well laid back and he has powerful hindquarters. He has a lot of blood and is naturally very careful and reactive in his front legs technique. He has the same jumping qualities as his brother Don’t Stop Semilly, with probably even more strength.
You can cross him with tall strong mares in order to produce lighter foals and bring back blood and reactivity. You can also cross him with mid-sized and lighter mares if you want to get modern type offspring.

Important information for the breeders who want to add color to their offspring : Kilimandjaro is homozygote DW20






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