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From foals to sport horses, from stallions to broodmares, Semilly’s brand offers a wide variety of quality horses.

All of our horses bear the name ” emilly “, which comes from our most famous stallion – Le Tot de Semilly, the one who changed our family’s destiny … ! The family’s breeding began with three mares, international showjumping winners with Eric Levallois : Normandy Night, Graine d’Oria and Glume. Our current broodmares herd is based on 20 mares, selected for genetic quality, competition performance and excellent conformation. In addition, foals out of some of the best Selle Français mares by embryo transfer are bought in order to constantly improve our bloodlines. Each year, we also acquire some of the best foals on the market for breeding or competition purposes.

Normandy Night by Night and Day (ps)

Graine d’Oria by Rantzau (ps)

Glume by Sire (ps)

Generations of Horsemen in the service of breeding and equestrian sports

Haras de Semilly
Impasse de l’Hôtel Pohier

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